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Andrew Guan

Switch Plaza-One of the best Skatepark in China

26 May 2010, 19.24 | Posted in China Skatepark | 1 comment »

Switch Plaza was in Shenzhen(near HongKong), it was start to built in 2005 and opened in April, 2006. Switch Plaza be built by Wayout Sporting Goods Company. At that time, I was working at Wayout and in charge of China market — Switch Distribution. Suburban Rails help us designed this park. This is the second concrete skatepark and the second skatepark with a bowl in China(the first one is Shanghai SMP, the largest skatepark all over the world). I really like the bowl in the park, that’s the first time I skate a bowl. We invited Tumyeto team came for our grand opening. During 2006-2008, many U.S. pro team and legend skaters have been there, we also organized many cool skate contests and events like Independent Bowl Party, skate deck art show and guitar night… If Shenzhen on your travel list, Switch Plaza is the place you have to visit.
March 2006, the test opening night session
This is my fav part
I moved back Beijing in 2008, I am so missing my park there.
for full size photo, go check it out in my flickr.
March 2006, Shenzhen local skaters
We teach kids how to skate
2006-05-13 067
May 2006, one of the skate video premier
照片 207
July 2006, China local skate brand the people skateboards team in the park
Skating in the Pool?! (Joy, July 2006)
Hang with Chris Haslam in the park(April, 2008)
Rodney Mullen in the park(October, 2006)
Fallen team hold a demo in our park in April 2007
Chris Cole shredding the park, approved why he is the S.O.T.Y.
Dec. 2007, Guitar Night, local skater’s band show
Dec. 2007, local skate photographer Liang Shao’s photo exhibision
Jan.2008 local skate artist Joy’s skate deck art show
March 2008, Simple Bowl Contest (Simple is a brand of complete skateboard, belong to Switch Distribution)
April 2008, Independent Contest
Johnathan Meador
照片 256
Cory Duffel, Don Nug, Dyson Remons, Matt Ball came for the grand opening at April 2006, judged the best trick contest and did a demo
照片 290
照片 320
free give away
Sep. 2007 Independent Bowl Party
Oct.2007 City team in the park. (Jimmy Cao, Nose slide)
2006-05-13 025
Thrasher(Fu Lingchao, a Shenzhen local skater, one of the best pro skater in China), bs smith, 2006
2006-05-13 045
Cyres Wang(one of the best pro skater in China, vans china team rider) 2006
Thomas, a Canada skater who living in Shenzhen, during Independent bowl party(photo by Jessy Warron)
Arrow, HongKong skater, Vagabond skateboards. during Challenge Summer Contest 2006
2006-08-05 142
Luo Jiansen, AT Distribution, 2006

I have thousands of photos about Switch Plaza and our wonderful skate life there.

Switch Plaza Location: Sports Center, Huaguoshan Road, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.

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