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Andrew Guan

Leong Zhang’s Portfolio

07 June 2010, 18.51 | Posted in China Skate Photos | No comments »

Leong Zhang, Skater, Surfer, Skateboard Photographer. He was born in 1985 and grew up in Shenzhen. Start to skating and taking photos in 2003. Working at Challenge Skateboards during 2005-2008 in charge of the first China skateboarding magazine “WHATSUP”.
He is good at take skate photos with film.

Cyres Wang, 360flip (Cyres skate for VANS China team and he just found his own brand Vagabond Skateboards with his friends. 360flip is his best trick)

Yoyo, crooked grind

Li Zhixing, bs 5-0 (a very young skater from North East of China)

Eddy Lai, tail blunt

Bao Baoliu, bs nosegrind

Arrow, bs Smith (Arrow is from HK, hard rock style)

Fu Lingchao, bs kickflip (Fu Lingchao’s English name is Thrasher, he is a talented skater from Shenzhen, nobody can do this trick better than him)

Paul, heelflip (2005, This is the first time for me to use Medium format Camera)

Luci, kickflip (Luci is from Marca, this trick is the last trick of a line)

Leo, salad grind (Leo is from Guangzhou, his nick name is 板王, means king of skateboard, hand rail is his favorite)

Eddy Lai, Ollie (Chongqing)

Keng Qu, feeble grind (Keng Qu is the China “TNT”, I shoot this one with a cheap China brand flash cost about 10 dollors. Kunming, Yunnan Province)

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