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Terry Xie’s Portfolio

10 June 2010, 17.25 | Posted in China Skate Photos | 1 comment »

Terry Xie a.k.a. Xie Shi, he was born and raised in Nanjing, freelance photographer. After graduating in 2003, Terry began to engage in commercial photography and skateboarding photography. He has photographed many photos for NikeSB, Adidas Skateboarding, Gift Skateboards in China. He is try to show people the skateboarding’s art and culture through his lens.

Mark 360flip double set Dec. 2007
Mark is from Denmark, he is my roommate at that time. I shoot this photo at Xuzhou, Anhui Province.

Cyres Wang, fs ollie grab, Jun. 2008
During Safari Skateboards team Nanjing tour(Cyres ride for Safari Skateboards at that time). Raining day, bad weather.

A Can, fs Ollie, Jul. 2008, Shaoguan, Guangdong Province

Ma Yunxiang, nose grind, Nov. 2008, Nanjing
Ma start skate in 1994, he is one of the earlier group of skaters in China. The spirit of skateboarding to treat everyone admire him.

Mark, fs boardslide, Dec. 2008
There was no light when we took this photo(except my flash), Mark did it with his feeling, incredible!

Mark, Ollie, Jan. 2009
That’s a super cold night.

Mark, Blunt Shove Out, Feb. 2009
After Mark land this trick, the hand rail was broken…

Mark, bs nosegrind, Jan. 2009.
Chaotiangong Square, Nanjing. Natural skate plaza

Mark, bs kickflip, Jan. 2009. We skated all night, there is no people on the road at that time.

Mark, bs kickflip

Keng Qu, bs smith grind, Jun. 2008

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