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Andrew Guan

Vans Hold Go Skateboarding Day Event in Beijing

23 June 2010, 17.48 | Posted in China Skate Event | 1 comment »

Go skateboarding day rock in China, and we have a wonderful event!
Vans brings Chinese skateboarding community together on June 20th. To skate the best skateboarding spots and parks in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu, with an evening event of music and art show. Vans has partnered with core skate accounts in SH, BJ & CD, I was invited to be attend the Beijing event, that’s pretty sick, 100% skater’s holiday!

When: 1pm till mid night on Jun.20
first stop 13:00 Wang Fu Jing Church (best trick contest) Wang Fu Jing Church is the most famous skate spot in Beijing, like the Love Park or the Brooklyn Bank in U.S.
second stop 14:30 Jian Guo Men (best of line contest) Jian Guo Men is another popular skate spot in Beijing.
third stop 16:00 Warehouse Beijing(one more contest and skate art show) WHB is the only one indoor skatepark in Beijing downtown! Found and Run by Beijing local skater Li Jian.
last stop 18:00 Yu Gong Yi Shan Bar After Party (new school punk band show and free beer and hot dog) Yu Gong Yi Shan is one of the best live music live house.

Partcipants: Famous Movie Star Xia Yu, Media, Skaters, Vans Fans
The skateboarding community were enthusiastic about the event, drinks & food, tons of giveaways at every skateboarding spot and park, which also attracted many new participants to discover the skateboarding culture. The famous movie star, skateboarding lover, Xia Yu joined the stop at Warehouse Beijing to skate with the crew, as well as to the night party to enjoy the celebration in Yu Gong Yi Shan Bar with all. In the party, 20 selected art piece from the skateboarding community and Vans Fans were exhibited in the bar and with the performance of the Top local punk band Reflector, all participants were experiencing the China skateboarding culture along with the art, music and fashion atmosphere.
Prize: Vans Sex Pistols Shoes & Vans Rowley Style 99’s Shoes
Best trick contest at Wang Fu Jing Church
More than 150 skaters gathered at the square
After the contest, all the skaters skating 5 mins to the park through Hutong.
Vans prepared two bus to take all the skaters to the next stop–Jian Guo Men Square
Even those, two bus are not enough, I am skating with all the left skaters to Jian Guo Men.
Best of line contest there, they prepared one box one bar and one cannot
Skate Dice Game, there are 6 trick name on the six surface of the dice, throw the huge dice and you got a trick, do it, if you land, you got a vans limited oldschool deck.
Free give away, sun glasses, wallet, stickers… …
after Jian Guo Men, WHB(Warehouse Beijing) is the next stop, the best indoor skatepark in Beijing downtown
WHB full of skaters
free drink
and skateboard photo show(the right one is mine)
out of the WHB, they have a box, a miniramp, skate, skate and skate…
vans chick
the contest is try to get highest as you can (Jamie, England)
Jason (U.S.)
Xu Ying (China)
Diego won the Wang Fu Jing best trick contest
Li Wen Jin won the best of line in Jian Guo Men
Jason won the contest at WHB
My mate Jamie and XX
After party at Yu Gong Yi Shan
Hotpot music presents the live band show
Free Hot Dot!
you know, that’s a skaters’ party
One more skate art show
start out of control, haha
I am with my mate Mathew, the VANS China core channel manager

For more photos(100+) go check my blog KickerClub.com

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  1. ScottyB:

    Ahhhhhh so stoked!!!! KickerClub!!! When I was in Beijing I hooked up with those guys and they’re awesome dudes. The seen is blowing up over there and there is soooo much marble!!! Wish I could’ve been there and the photos don’t do the level of skating over there justice. There are some dudes that seriously kill it over there.

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