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Andrew Guan

Vans Go Skateboarding Day HongKong Video

27 July 2010, 14.36 | Posted in China Skate Video | No comments »

I know it’s too late to post this video on, but it is a really good video you need to go watch it.

“Old City’s New Trouble”-Converse China New Video Clip

20 July 2010, 13.19 | Posted in China Skate Video | No comments »

Converse’s new video clip–”Old City’s new trouble”–featured talented Chinese skater Fu Lingchao(Thrasher). The spot is an old fish ponds in Xi’an.


An Email From Mongolia

18 July 2010, 18.35 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 comment »

Anybody can help?
Alex’s email is alex.serg@yahoo.co.uk

Dear Andrew Guan,

My name is Alex and I am one of the very few skateboarders from Mongolia. Im sorry to take your time but writing to you in searching of help from skateboarders. It’s amazing but skateboarding found it self even here, and still it is progressing and won’t be forgotten at least what it is in my powers. I started skating here 7 years ago with two of my friends finding a crappy fake skateboard and we were skating for a year until Carhartt/Vans team came here alond with Kenny Reed in 2003-2004 and that what gave a progress here. They gave us all their boards and shoes and we were just inspired to skate and in time all the skate stuff were almost dead but still we skated on the decks like witout nose and tail still managed to do pretty good tricks for that time in our situation like tre flips, big flips and many others. In time i decided to go to russia to bring some decks for my friends and me, and that helped a lot! But still, it was hard to keep brining decks here from Russia. In time there was 4-5 of us skating around, even in winter with -37 degrees outside nothing could stop us. Were making our own spots, rails, ramps, kickers. Everythings was good but I had to leave after 3 years to study in England as same happened to other friends who went in different country and i thought there won’t be any one skating there appart from us. After 3 years coming back here in Mongolia i was shocked and surprised that there are news guys skating here, and its like 10 of them already! I was very happy that it didnt stop and those guys they are skating so well now, even better than we were and thei rstyle is so good too. They are very motivated, especially after my friend Patrik Wallner was here during filming his new project 10,000 and i can see that they are truely love skateboarding and that is why i want to help these ladds as i have gone throught their shoes. That is why I’m writing you in the need of help for my friends that skate here as their are in big need of decks. Ordering to USA or Russia is extremlly expesive for all of them, not talking about even delivery charges that is so high too. And that is why i thought that we should as our neighours, China, and seek for help there. I know that there are some very good blank decks of Chinese brands and they are not that expesive, and i want to ask if you can give me an email of any real skateshop in Beijing, or any other city so that i could write to them to know if they can help us here, so that we can order online these affordable decks, and other hardware too. Many thanks for taking time reading this email, I hope there will be a chance of sucess.

Best Regards,

Baby Dragon at Chengdu

15 July 2010, 15.59 | Posted in China Skate Contest | No comments »

After Baby Dragon Shenzhen, the contest came to Chengdu(Sichuan Province) last weekend. Because VANS China became a sponsor for Baby Dragon from this stop, VANS China team went there for several demo during the contest and they prepared plenty of sun glasses, wallet, shoes and stickers for free give away! P Dan from VANS China team won the quarter pipe best trick, A Can from Guangzhou won the rail best trick and Chengdu local skater Jason won the 3 stairs best trick.
P Dan
P Dan
Tommy switch 360 flip
Xu Ying, VANS China team, the People Skateboards
Tian Wei from Guangzhou
P Dan
VANS China team
Tim, Yuan Fei and I
shoes give away
boards give away(be sponsored by challenge skateboards)

For more photos go check KickerClub.com


Neighborhood Girls Photo Show

05 July 2010, 16.43 | Posted in China Skate Event | No comments »

Event Poster
July 7th, 2010 3pm
Source Flagship Store
JinHui Rd 8-9 Gala World City
Card 2
Neighborhood Girls is a photographic portrayal of the girl next door, but perhaps not how you perceive her.

Beijing Photographer and Designer Zhang PengPeng opens his personal collection of polaroid pictorial captures of Neighborhood Girls specially for SOURCE Beijing.

Join us on July 7th for the opening of this unique photographic gallery or feel free to drop by throughout the month of July while Neighborhood girls remains on display.
Card 1
About the Artist

Zhang PengPeng Graduated in 2006 from the Science and Technology University in XiAn, majoring in photography. Upon graduating he entered the XinWei magazine group where he began his career as a photographer. PengPeg’s style emphasized on the strange, sexy, and street style of his surroundings. In 2009 PengPeng and a friend started up their own company, POP-UP. Through hip and trendy magazines such as Size, they were able to get a foothold in the market and begin doing shoots and designs for other big name publications. More so, POP-UP was able to parlay its relations with specialized stores such as SOURCE and DEAL to work on special shoots with Nike, Clot, Puma, ect, to better convey their style to the market. Sticking close to their street culture roots, they have been able to work closely with many of China’s more core street culture circles.

Using a SNAP SHOT style of photography and employing the looks of many attractive ladies, PengPeng was able to gradually encompass a more complete field of photographic muses: Armed Forces, Automobiles, Gothic, amongst many other.
Card Back

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Fan Xing’s Portfolio

04 July 2010, 15.23 | Posted in China Skate Photos | No comments »

Fanxing is from Beijing, 27 years old, start shooting skateboarding from 5 years ago. One of the best skateboard photographer in China. He is also shooting picture for several street fasion mags with his Canon 5D2 and Mamiya.
Warren from Canada, this is my first shot with a film about skateboarding photos.
3 or 4 years ago in Shanghai, Brian Smith fs ollie. Brian Smith is skating for Gift Skateboards in China. He used to be Quiksilver China team manager.
3 or 4 years ago, Zhongguancun Square, Beijing. Jason from Chengdu, Nose grind.
2006, Brian Smith Kickflip.
dc pro shamghai jpg
During DC team Shanghai tour, Century Square, Shanghai.
During DC team demo at Shanghai SMP skatepark, a kid is waiting for DC pros
johnny kgrind
4 or 5 years ago, Finance street in Beijing, Johnny Kgrind gap out
照片 161-Edit
Chongqing, People skateboard China tour, Dan, Ollie
chelin kgrind
Beijing Woodward, Chelin kgrind.
dan shanghai small
Shanghai, famous subway exit double set, Dan fs flip


Baby Dragon Shenzhen–Skating In The Rain

03 July 2010, 11.59 | Posted in China Skate Contest | No comments »

I went to Shenzhen last weekend for judging the Baby Dragon skate contest. 13 Skaters from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shanghai shredding the contest in the rain. This is one of the best best trick contest I have ever seen before in China. There are some photos and video…
Baby Dragon Skate Series is a new best trick contest, Shenzhen is the second stop of this year(first is in Beijing).
Saturday’s contest be canceled because the bad weather.
First is the mini hand rail best trick contest.
Second is the quarter pipe best trick contest
Third is the 3 stairs best trick contest

More photos can go check my website KickerClub.com