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Andrew Guan

Fan Xing’s Portfolio

04 July 2010, 15.23 | Posted in China Skate Photos | No comments »

Fanxing is from Beijing, 27 years old, start shooting skateboarding from 5 years ago. One of the best skateboard photographer in China. He is also shooting picture for several street fasion mags with his Canon 5D2 and Mamiya.
Warren from Canada, this is my first shot with a film about skateboarding photos.
3 or 4 years ago in Shanghai, Brian Smith fs ollie. Brian Smith is skating for Gift Skateboards in China. He used to be Quiksilver China team manager.
3 or 4 years ago, Zhongguancun Square, Beijing. Jason from Chengdu, Nose grind.
2006, Brian Smith Kickflip.
dc pro shamghai jpg
During DC team Shanghai tour, Century Square, Shanghai.
During DC team demo at Shanghai SMP skatepark, a kid is waiting for DC pros
johnny kgrind
4 or 5 years ago, Finance street in Beijing, Johnny Kgrind gap out
照片 161-Edit
Chongqing, People skateboard China tour, Dan, Ollie
chelin kgrind
Beijing Woodward, Chelin kgrind.
dan shanghai small
Shanghai, famous subway exit double set, Dan fs flip

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