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Andrew Guan

Adidas Three Stripe Skate Hype 4

22 August 2010, 18.35 | Posted in China Skate Contest | No comments »

Adidas Three Stripe Skate Hype is one of the best skate contest in China. You can check out what happened in the previous years here. This year’s contest is taking place in Shanghai Toy Toys skatepark next weekend.
2000RMB prize with one year flow contract for the AM group champion, 8000RMB for the pro group.


Little Tiger & Friends Vol.1

21 August 2010, 08.45 | Posted in China Skate Video | No comments »

”Little Tiger & Friends” is a new skate video program created by Zhang Ran A.K.A. Dunzi(Beijing local skate filmer) and Luobo, Xiao Ming(Beijing local skaters). By doing this, they want to introduce themselves and their friends’s skating life to everyone. This is the first issue of “Little Tiger & Friends”, hope you like it and fingers crossed.

2010SDA Grand Opening

10 August 2010, 16.51 | Posted in China Skate Event | 1 comment »

The grand opening of Challenge Skateboards 2010 SDA took place in Ware House Beijing last Friday afternoon, presented by KickerClub.com and Core Power Asia. On show were 34 decks created by 17 international and local artists. During the hottest opening party, Challenge skate team and some local skaters were shredding the WHB indoor park. After the show at WHB, all the art works will be on tour to Shanghai and Hangzhou. This is the first show ever for skate deck art in Beijing. After the opening party, we held an after party at Mao Live, the most popular underground live house in Beijing. Skate, Art, Music, perfect weekend. 

WHB is the only one indoor park in Beijing founded by Li Jian

SDA catalogs, stickers, mags free give away. 

Guan Chuan’s artwork, an Shanghai Artist girl

Geng Duan, Beijing local Artist

Pan Yunlong, a local skater and Tour skateshop’s manager

art works from Zhan Xindong(Qingdao, left two decks) and Guanyin(Beijing Graffiti team)

XX, Beijing local tatoo artist

Dai, Austrilian Graffiti Artist with his art work.

Media time

My mate Tim with his wife

Talented photographer  Lakita

Dannil(China skateboard mag WHATSUP’s editor) and Shi Dao

ChinaDaily interview time

Li Jian(right) is the founder of WHB, you are the man!

Lakita team,haha

KickerClub.com’s new sticker is hot

Patrik Chan, Miriam, Me

Shen Meng, the best freestyle skater in China.

After Party at Mao Live


Volcom Screen Print & BBQ Party at Source Beijing

08 August 2010, 17.49 | Posted in China Skate Event | No comments »

Volcom Screen Print & BBQ Party at Source Beijing yesterday, This summer Volcom be supporting a two month screen printing project in Shanghai and Beijing, titled Volcom x Young Emerging Chinese Artists Screen Printing Workshop. The event will bring together some of the best young Chinese and Western creatives in China to give workshops on screen printing methods, as well to launch the first Volcom t-shirt collaboration project in China. The workshops will take place at the source Shanghai store on July 17th and the source Beijing store on August 7th, 2010.

The vibe of the Volcom Screen Printing Workshop will be “backyard barbeque.” For those missing that backyard feeling and for those who like the smell of a traditional bbq, this will be THE summer event. Source will be bringing the backyard indoors, with live acoustic music, bbq area, beers on tap and grass under foot. In the midst of an urban backyard environment, screen printers will be set up in the middle getting messy. To all guests, be prepared for some painting fun!

Source Beijing Store

with some Beijing local skater: Huang Yang, Wang Xin, Vincent Lee

Raph Cooper, the people skateboards founder

Brian Smith, Source Event Manager(left 2)

snowboarder friend Zhang Wei & Marco

My mate Steve is the founder of Melow Park, the best snowpark in China.

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Li Qing Yao’s Portfolio

02 August 2010, 19.37 | Posted in China Skate Photos | 1 comment »

Li Qingyao, 23 years old, Jilin city. He was start to skate from 3 years ago and start to take skateboard pictures from 1 year ago. pretty young but he is really good at HDR.
HDR portrait (the logo on shirt is people’s skateboard, a Beijing local skate brand)
So cold (Jilin in northeast China, super cold in winter, bad for skate, but…)
Da Wei, a Jilin local skater
Tan Shuai is one of the best skater in north east China
snow, cold, north east
Tan Shuai, crooked grind (the sticker on the rail BK is another China local skateboard brand from Shenzhen)
After my new deck broke…