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Andrew Guan

Baby Dragon Shanghai Stop

06 September 2010, 14.08 | Posted in China Skate Contest | No comments »

Another busy weekend! Taking a short break after Adidas Skate Hype last weekend, Shanghai Top Toys was holding the Baby Dragon Shanghai stop this Saturday and Sunday. This was the last chance for skaters to win their tickets to the final contest that will happen in Hangzhou in September 24th and 25th. Most of the top players in Shanghai showed up and competed. A Dee, last week’s champion and star, kept on shining this week and brought home 6,000 RMB by winning Rail and stairs contests. I can’t wait to witness the most fierce battle where all the top three from different stops will come together and fight!

For a fair play, Baby Dragon built up the same “battlefield” as the previous stops, rather than using the existing ramps from Top Toys.

huge back drop at Top Toys’ entrance

2010 Skate Deck Art’s booth

This is the third stop of 2010 SDA art show

During the contest, the market leader of China major action sports brand are came together. from left: Eric Lai(Convers), Maggie Wu(Nike), Mathew(Vans), Jeff Han(Fly)

I was invited to be Judge with Tim.

My website’s banner around the court.

Eric with Yuan Fei, the best skate event MC in China

MC Yuan

Rail best trick is on Saturday, A Dee win the game with 270 fs boardslide, Bose Xie No.2 and Zhou Wei got third.


A Dee

Zhou Wei tail slide


Bose Xie

Alex Huang

Tan Shuai


Quarter Pipe best trick was on Sunday, Tommy No.1 Alex No.2 and Brian Smith No.3






Stairs Best trick was after the quarter pipe contest. 16 skaters in the contest. A Dee won it again, Johnny Tang second and Alex Huang third.

A DEE’s trick is pretty high,land double heelflip, double kickflip, Switch hardflip… …

Johnny Tang is NikeSB’s China team manager, land big flip and some other sick tricks.

For more photos go check my online album

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