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Andrew Guan

Wanning Surfing Festival Skate Contest Day 1

07 November 2010, 04.24 | Posted in China Skate Contest, China Surfing | No comments »

To be a part of Hainan Wanning International surfing festival, Surfing China brings skate contest and 2010SDA art show to the beach. Cyres, P Dan from Vans China team, Lu Junyan, Li Jialong from Quiksilver HK team, Li Zhixing from Challenge Skateboards and A Can, Mao Chenxu shredded the beach park all the afternoon. P Dan won first day’s contest. For the surfing part, a bunch of international pro surfers were invited and they have already started to warm up in the waves of Shimei Bay.

The skatepark is same with baby dragon contest before.

the skatepark is just behind the beach.

Converse team Hei Chai

Vans team Cyres

Challenge team Li Zhixing

Hainan Island local skaters

Challenge Skateboards 2010SDA art show


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