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Andrew Guan

Wanning Surfing Festival Skate Contest Final

09 November 2010, 17.48 | Posted in China Skate Contest, China Surfing | No comments »

More sunshine and more fun this afternoon. Today’s final adapted Best of Line and all 7 skaters were divided into 3 groups. They were given 5 minutes to jam and only the line including more than 2 tricks could be counted. Lu Junyan won the game and P Dan, Cyres follow him as 2nd and 3rd. On the other side, Wanning International Surfing Contest put the show on at the Riyue Bay. Continue read to check the photos.

Hong Kong quiksilver/vans team龙仔

P Dan

Challenge Skateboards Li Zhi Xing

Vans team Cyres

Converse team Luo JianSen

Some local skaters from Sanya

Cyres got third place, his line is 5-0 + quarter pipe kickflip

P Dan won the second place, his line is feeble grind + quarter pipe flip360

Chun Cai won the game and his line is nollie boardslide + quarter pipe nollie bigspin

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