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Andrew Guan

Janne Korpi Wins 9th Red Bull Nanshan Open

23 January 2011, 18.55 | Posted in China Snowboarding | No comments »

Beijing, CHINA – January 23rd, 2011 – The weather gods finally smiled upon Nanshan Ski Village as riders were met with perfect conditions for Day 2 of the 9th Red Bull Nanshan Open! In a closely fought battle, Finland’s Janne Korpi would clinch top honors at this 4Star Swatch Ticket To Ride slopestyle contest, edging out young-gun Anton Bilare by a close judging decision. “I’m feeling pretty good! The weather was nice and the riding was great – it was really fun to ride today,” said Janne.

Sunday morning’s finals saw yesterday’s top 12 ranked riders battle it out for the four spots in the afternoon’s Super Finals, with Anton Bilare (SWE) going into the session ranked first, followed by Sergey Lapushkin (RUS), Knut Eliassen (NOR)and Janne Korpi (FIN).

As the only ‘double-corker’ of the event, 20-year-old Anton Bilare earned the highest scoring single run of the Super Finals with a huge front 1080 ‘dub-cork’ off the first kicker followed by a front-7 late cork, a tail-press on the up-cannon and boardslide on the down-rail finished off with a bs rodeo over the spine. However with the best two out of three runs being counted, Janne Korpi’s versatility and consistency would inch him into first place as he showed off all four 900s within his top runs while also throwing down on the jib section – including a 360-off on the down-rail and front flipping up the mini step-up. If style was the only factor being judged, Anton’s final run could have put him back on top, stomping a huge floaty frontside 5 off the first kicker followed by a cab 900 off the second, however it would not be enough to take top spot on the podium. Honorable mention goes to Sergey Lapushkin – popping his shoulder out in the lunchtime warm-up, a few painkillers later he was back in action to stomp one of the largest BS1080s of the contest, putting him in third.

Earning the highest ranking a Chinese rider has achieved since the Nanshan Open gained TTR status, 20-year-old He Wei gave the locals something to cheer about with his FS720 to FS rodeo method runs in the morning for an 8th place finish. “It was such a good feeling riding today with these guys… I’m stoked!”

With the snowboarding side of the trip now over, riders will now be focusing on getting their voices in tune for tonight’s KTV-party session! Zaijian and Ganbei!

The Four Winners (pic by Christoph Schoech)

1st: Janne Korpi’s Winning Runs:

2nd: Anton Bilare’s Winning Runs:

3rd: Sergey Lapushkin’s Winning Runs:

9th Red Bull Nanshan Open Results
1. (FIN) Janne Korpi – Kissmark, Oneill, Smith
2. (SWE) Anton Bilare – Nitro, Rip Curl, Skullcandy
3. (RUS) Sergey Lapushkin – DC, Flux, Spy
4. (NOR) Knut Eliassen – Nitro, Raiden
5. (FIN) Juuso Laivisto – Red Bull, Ride, Volcom
6. (JPN) Teddy Koo – Ride, Electric
7. (NZL) Nick Brown – Burton, RPM
8. (PRC) He Wei – Red Bull, Burton
9. (SWE) Nils Arvidsson – Nitro, Ripcurl
10. (FIN) Risto Mattila – Drake, Northwave
11. (SUI) David Bertschinger Karg – Volcom, Bataleon, Smith
12. (KOR) Yonghae Jung – Burton, Smith, Exit
13. (PRC) Zhang Wei – Red Bull, Nike 6.0, VE
14. (AUT) Christian Kroell – Voekl, Adidas Eyewear, Deeluxe
15. (KOR) Yongho Lee – Nike 6.0, Salomon
16. (USA) Nate Jones – Exdo Shop, VE
17. (SUI) Colin Frei – Zimtstern, K2, Oakley
18. (GER) Marco Smolla – Red Bull, Nike 6.0, Nitro
19. (PRC) Xiao Guo – Quiksilver, A2 Club
20. (GER) Philipp Strauss – DC, Oakley, Planet Sports
21. (PRC) Sun Yiming – Nike 6.0, Flow Snowboards
22. (PRC) Huang Chao – A2 Club

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