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Andrew Guan

2011 Vans Go Skateboarding Day in China

20 June 2011, 16.13 | Posted in China Skate Event | No comments »

Saturday June 18, 2011, over 2000 skaters and enthusiasts from skateboarding communities in 15 cities across China came out in strong numbers for this year’s Vans Go Skateboarding Day. Not even rain could stop skaters from finding a way to skate on their own personal skate holiday. Many new participants attended the event to discover true skateboarding culture. Participants in Shanghai, Beijing and Wuhan enjoyed after parties with the Vans crew. Local punk bands Tookoo, Larry’s Pizza, The Ghost Spardac and Yue Gui (Aberration), along with Hip Hop artists Jiang Zhe and MC Big Dog gave live performances in respective cities providing the perfect end to an amazing Go Skateboarding Day. Vans China extends it sincere gratitude to all core communities and partners that made the event the success that is was.

When: Saturday June 18, 2011


Who: Over 2000 skaters from respective local skate communities, Vans fans, musical guests, Vans China team riders including Wang Huifeng, Dan Sonsrichai, Matthias, Wang Guohua, Wang Mingjun, Guang Zai, Tommy Zhao and Zhou Wei

Country Wide Partner: Independent Truck Company and ATD distribution

City Partners:
上海:Fly / iconx/Top Toys Skatepark /Gift Skateboards
北京:Fly/ Society Skateboards
杭州:5-0 Square
青岛:Old School
长春:Ling Lei
深圳:Vagabond Skateboards /Challenge Skateboards
哈尔滨: 张道恒& Vans Shop

What: This year Vans, the original skate shoe maker, adopted Saturday, June 18th as Vans Go Skateboarding Day across Asia Pacific to celebrate skateboarding and to bring the local skate community together. Additional sponsorship was provided by Independent Truck Company. This year Vans executed the event in 15 Chinese cities with skaters taking over street spots, favorite parks, ramps, and secret spots! Vans, Independent and core partners provided tons of free giveaways and prepared activities for all participants.

I attend the Beijing go skate day event, there are some photos…

中午1点钟, 滑手们都来到了金融界的大黑台地点集合, 这也是北京滑板日活动的第一站.

北京站的负责人是Brian Smith

第一站的活动是Best trick比赛

比赛中, 北京老滑手冰峰是最突出的一个, 先后完成了triple flip, 手抓板, 大乱, 赢了vans纪念滑板, 毛巾, 眼镜等等各种奖品


Best trick之后的娱乐项目是Ollie挑战


第一站活动结束, 三辆大巴准点来接滑手们去第二站建国门. 和以前的vans night一样, 人太多, 坐不下.


今天CCTV的”巅峰时刻”也来现场采访拍摄了, 不知道他们作出来的节目又要变成什么样…捏把汗

为了取个景容易吗, 感谢Jeremy爬上爬下

活动开始了, 第一个游戏就是掷滑板动作色子作动作

色子每一面都有一个动作名字, 掷到哪个作哪个, 成功了就有奖品

第二个活动是GAME OF S.K.A.T.E.比赛

杨利伟也从太空赶回来参加滑板日, 等等, 奥, 看错了, 原来是庞斌, 热吗?

xx说正在家干活, 看了我的微博就跑来了


Brian说, 时间不早了, 大黑坡咱们就不去了, 直接酒吧喝起来吧.

到了骑车电影院里的两个好朋友酒吧, 酒吧前面的草地上搭了个miniramp, 可惜就今天一晚, 明天就撤了.

为了取景, 哥们再次翻墙+爬梯子, 作个网站容易吗我

全自助, 吹风筒是亮点. 我几次鼓起勇气冲进人群希望可以抢到点吃的都有失败告终.

这个特别神的哥们要倒立drop in, 真勇


来人那…送东西了… 场下全乱了, 滑板, 鞋子, tee乱飞, 下面乱抢

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