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Andrew Guan

KOTR China After Party

02 October 2011, 10.25 | Posted in China Skate Event | 1 comment »

Converse China bring Thrasher King of The Road come to China, 4 China Skateboard Team just finished the 2 weeks journey and meet up at Beijing with Cons U.S. pro team and Thrasher Skate Rock crew. Jack announced the winner for the first year of KOTR China is GIFT team, SHOX team second, THE PEOPLE SKATEBOARDS third and VGBD team is the fourth. Pretty sick party with Skate Rock show and Cons miniramp session. China skateobarding is on fire!

Dustin always looks drunk

Don Nug come back to China again

Baca love the billiards

Zhang Ziyang broke his ankle the day before KOTR finished

Zeng Bingfeng, Beijing local oldschool skater

Alex Huang, VGBD pro skater

Nathan from ATD

Danniel working hard


Shox team

The KOTR China trailer is the real fucking shit!!


Winner – GIFT team!

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  1. Kia:

    This event is crazy, it looks like so much was going on and loads of fun. and the Thrasher Skate Rock crew was dope i’m sure.. Looks like Converse know how to throw a party!

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