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Andrew Guan

Hawaii skateshop & skateparks

26 December 2013, 12.31 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Went to Honolulu 3 weeks ago, my friend Rodney Chmolack drive me around to show me the Hawaii skateboarding senesce.

A Tale of Four Cities

21 December 2013, 07.59 | Posted in China Skate Video | No comments »

A Tale of Four Cities from Charles Lanceplaine on Vimeo.

A video by Charles Lanceplaine
Featuring: Jay Meador, Cyres Wong 王汇丰, Liu Jia Ming 刘佳明, Zhang Zi Yang 张子杨 and Timi McMeel
Music composed by Simon Tolza
Filmed in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan and Beijing
Supported by Sony.