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Andrew Guan

Converse China Mongolia Tour Photos

17 August 2011, 19.35 | Posted in China Skate Photos | No comments »

Behind the lens of Converse China new skate trip documentary “Where Do We Land?” , photographer Zhang Liang bring tons of beautiful photos for us to reproduce the entire journey.
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2010 China Skateboarding Review

2010 is very special for skateboarding in China, with lots of events hosted by those big sport brands and competitions going on a more professional and hard-cored track. The term Pro Skater weighed much more than ever before. Skate parks started to burgeon across the country. And of course, parties never stopped. This year has witnessed some ground-breaking happenings, like, Tony Hawk and Shaun White visited China, Woodward China was launched, Converse joined in the battlefield between Nike and Vans. Good news is, those who never gave up can finally make a decent living from skateboarding now. What happened in 2010 was just a beginning. There are much more to come in 2011!
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Li Qing Yao’s Portfolio

02 August 2010, 19.37 | Posted in China Skate Photos | 1 comment »

Li Qingyao, 23 years old, Jilin city. He was start to skate from 3 years ago and start to take skateboard pictures from 1 year ago. pretty young but he is really good at HDR.
HDR portrait (the logo on shirt is people’s skateboard, a Beijing local skate brand)
So cold (Jilin in northeast China, super cold in winter, bad for skate, but…)
Da Wei, a Jilin local skater
Tan Shuai is one of the best skater in north east China
snow, cold, north east
Tan Shuai, crooked grind (the sticker on the rail BK is another China local skateboard brand from Shenzhen)
After my new deck broke…


Fan Xing’s Portfolio

04 July 2010, 15.23 | Posted in China Skate Photos | No comments »

Fanxing is from Beijing, 27 years old, start shooting skateboarding from 5 years ago. One of the best skateboard photographer in China. He is also shooting picture for several street fasion mags with his Canon 5D2 and Mamiya.
Warren from Canada, this is my first shot with a film about skateboarding photos.
3 or 4 years ago in Shanghai, Brian Smith fs ollie. Brian Smith is skating for Gift Skateboards in China. He used to be Quiksilver China team manager.
3 or 4 years ago, Zhongguancun Square, Beijing. Jason from Chengdu, Nose grind.
2006, Brian Smith Kickflip.
dc pro shamghai jpg
During DC team Shanghai tour, Century Square, Shanghai.
During DC team demo at Shanghai SMP skatepark, a kid is waiting for DC pros
johnny kgrind
4 or 5 years ago, Finance street in Beijing, Johnny Kgrind gap out
照片 161-Edit
Chongqing, People skateboard China tour, Dan, Ollie
chelin kgrind
Beijing Woodward, Chelin kgrind.
dan shanghai small
Shanghai, famous subway exit double set, Dan fs flip


Circle Lee’s Portfolio

28 June 2010, 15.40 | Posted in China Skate Photos | No comments »

Let me introducing one more China skateboard photographer, my friend — Circle Li! He is from Guangzhou, except take the amazing photos he is also a pro BMX rider and a BMX website editor!
Circle Lee, his Chinese name is Li Yuan. He was born in south of China. Personal website : www.circlefoto.com Sponsor: NIke6.0, Haro Bikes, CNBMX
Circle came into action sports in 2000 and try to photography in 2005, started as freelance photographer in 2008.
He used to be the first BMX site ChinaBMX’s administrator, now he is the largest BMX site in China-CNBMX’s editor.
He have taken report for many major action sports contest and tour in China.
“Since 2000, I stepped on my BMX and access to action sports. I do not want to limit myself as a “BMX Photographer”, I am taking pictures for all my action sports friends.”














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Terry Xie’s Portfolio

10 June 2010, 17.25 | Posted in China Skate Photos | 1 comment »

Terry Xie a.k.a. Xie Shi, he was born and raised in Nanjing, freelance photographer. After graduating in 2003, Terry began to engage in commercial photography and skateboarding photography. He has photographed many photos for NikeSB, Adidas Skateboarding, Gift Skateboards in China. He is try to show people the skateboarding’s art and culture through his lens.

Mark 360flip double set Dec. 2007
Mark is from Denmark, he is my roommate at that time. I shoot this photo at Xuzhou, Anhui Province.

Cyres Wang, fs ollie grab, Jun. 2008
During Safari Skateboards team Nanjing tour(Cyres ride for Safari Skateboards at that time). Raining day, bad weather.

A Can, fs Ollie, Jul. 2008, Shaoguan, Guangdong Province

Ma Yunxiang, nose grind, Nov. 2008, Nanjing
Ma start skate in 1994, he is one of the earlier group of skaters in China. The spirit of skateboarding to treat everyone admire him.

Mark, fs boardslide, Dec. 2008
There was no light when we took this photo(except my flash), Mark did it with his feeling, incredible!

Mark, Ollie, Jan. 2009
That’s a super cold night.

Mark, Blunt Shove Out, Feb. 2009
After Mark land this trick, the hand rail was broken…

Mark, bs nosegrind, Jan. 2009.
Chaotiangong Square, Nanjing. Natural skate plaza

Mark, bs kickflip, Jan. 2009. We skated all night, there is no people on the road at that time.

Mark, bs kickflip

Keng Qu, bs smith grind, Jun. 2008

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Leong Zhang’s Portfolio

07 June 2010, 18.51 | Posted in China Skate Photos | No comments »

Leong Zhang, Skater, Surfer, Skateboard Photographer. He was born in 1985 and grew up in Shenzhen. Start to skating and taking photos in 2003. Working at Challenge Skateboards during 2005-2008 in charge of the first China skateboarding magazine “WHATSUP”.
He is good at take skate photos with film.

Cyres Wang, 360flip (Cyres skate for VANS China team and he just found his own brand Vagabond Skateboards with his friends. 360flip is his best trick)

Yoyo, crooked grind

Li Zhixing, bs 5-0 (a very young skater from North East of China)

Eddy Lai, tail blunt

Bao Baoliu, bs nosegrind

Arrow, bs Smith (Arrow is from HK, hard rock style)

Fu Lingchao, bs kickflip (Fu Lingchao’s English name is Thrasher, he is a talented skater from Shenzhen, nobody can do this trick better than him)

Paul, heelflip (2005, This is the first time for me to use Medium format Camera)

Luci, kickflip (Luci is from Marca, this trick is the last trick of a line)

Leo, salad grind (Leo is from Guangzhou, his nick name is 板王, means king of skateboard, hand rail is his favorite)

Eddy Lai, Ollie (Chongqing)

Keng Qu, feeble grind (Keng Qu is the China “TNT”, I shoot this one with a cheap China brand flash cost about 10 dollors. Kunming, Yunnan Province)

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Ni Hao! From China!

25 May 2010, 18.26 | Posted in China Skate Photos | No comments »

Yes, I know, Skateboarding is from U.S. Every Chinese skater knows you guys have so many skateparks, skateshops, skateboard brands and so many sick pros there. But, what do you know about the China skateboarding except the Woodward Beijing and Shanghai SMP? If you want to learn something about China skateparks, skateshops, skateboard brands, pros and locale skaters’ daily life, keep your eyes on my blog or my website KickerClub.com
Sharing some photos first, these photos were taken by me over the past few years.
I took this one in 2005 when I got my first DSLR Canon D20
Cyres Wang, one of the best skater in China. When I took this photo, he is skate for my brand Safari Skateboards. Now, he is skate for Vans and he just found his own brand with some friends – Vagabond Skateboards.
Xu Ying, one of the best miniramp/bowl rider in China. Skate for The People’s Skateboards. I took this at Modern Sky Music Fest. 2008
Du Minggen, he is the Chinese TNT. Skate for Vagabond Skateboards and Vans. Same with Cyres, he skate for Safari Skateboards before, I took this during our Beijing Tour in 2008.
Jimmy Cao, I took this one in 2008 when we invited him and Dave(City Skateboards) come to China for a contest.
Jamie Thomas and Fallen team came to our skatepark–Switch Plaza in Shenzhen at 2007. They hold a demo there, you can find the video on my youtube