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Andrew Guan


04 December 2011, 16.07 | Posted in China Snowboarding | No comments »

Shaun White and Air & Style came back again, this time they bring the top snowboarding event into the National Stadium – Bird’s Nest! most of the audience have never tried snowboarding and they totally have no idea about who is Shaun White, but they are pretty enjoyed the crazy snowboarding trick. Compare with bring the TTR 6 star contest come to China, I think there are more important things we need to do for promoting the snowboarding in China.


JAPAN POWDER – China Snowboarding Crew in Japan

28 April 2011, 16.53 | Posted in China Snowboarding | No comments »

In early March, after a long and hard season of man made snow slope and park riding, six of Mellow Parks Crew went to Niseko for a 6-day “post-season-getting-some-real-snow trip” and it was epic! Four out of six days it DUMPED and the other 2 days it snowed a bit as well. Most of the riders in the crew had never have been in Japan let alone ridden powder so it was a blast. –Steve Zdarsky

A DECADE OF SNOWBOARDING IN CHINA – Now Available for the iPad and iPhone!

24 March 2011, 02.42 | Posted in China Snowboarding | No comments »

A DECADE OF SNOWBOARDING IN CHINA, a coffee table book that sheds light on the beginnings, highlights and special moments in Chinese snowboarding history, is now available on the go with the iPad / iPhone versions that can be downloaded here: http://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/a-decade-of-snowboarding-in/id413645811?mt=8
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Janne Korpi Wins 9th Red Bull Nanshan Open

23 January 2011, 18.55 | Posted in China Snowboarding | No comments »

Beijing, CHINA – January 23rd, 2011 – The weather gods finally smiled upon Nanshan Ski Village as riders were met with perfect conditions for Day 2 of the 9th Red Bull Nanshan Open! In a closely fought battle, Finland’s Janne Korpi would clinch top honors at this 4Star Swatch Ticket To Ride slopestyle contest, edging out young-gun Anton Bilare by a close judging decision. “I’m feeling pretty good! The weather was nice and the riding was great – it was really fun to ride today,” said Janne.
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Oakley Air & Style Beijing

04 December 2010, 17.26 | Posted in China Snowboarding | No comments »

Thanks for Oakley’s effort to bring the top snowboarding event to Beijing and China! The experience was fantastic! Entering the stadium, I was instantly overwhelmed by the huge ramp that is 42-meter high. All the international riders are among the tops across the globe now, and everyone was spinning crazily in the air like the helicopter airscrew, what completely stunned the audience in such a cold winter night. Before the fierce fight over the Ring of Glory kicked off, local riders were invited to do a jam session. The year of 2010 really hails a good sign for the flourishing of Action Sports in China, with so many big things happened and happening. To name a few, the opening of Woodward, international surfing festivals in Hangzhou and Hainan, and of course, Air & Style tonight. The future seems really exciting and promising, ain’t it?









参加比赛的选手来自世界各地,美国,芬兰,德国,日本… …基本都是90后,哎…




决赛结束后还有就在赛道旁边的体育场内还有一个after party。

感谢OAKLEY把这么牛逼的比赛带到了中国,虽然目前国内的大环境还不是很成熟,这从比赛现场的气氛可以看出来,估计大部分人是冲王力宏去的,没有那种疯狂的感觉,但是毕竟顶级赛事已经来中国了,感谢所以为推动Action Sports在中国发展的品牌和组织,未来一定会更好。


Oakley Air & Style Coming to Beijing Next Weekend

28 November 2010, 05.34 | Posted in China Snowboarding | No comments »

This huge ramp make me back in the days 2005 when Danny Way jump the Great Wall in Beijing. But this time is for Oakley Air & Style, welcome, Shaun White
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“虎 Am I” Premiere Party

26 October 2010, 14.37 | Posted in China Snowboarding | No comments »

With a hard to find venue we were worried no one would show up for the world premier of ‘Hu Am I?’ – however, the promise of free beer and giveaways must have guided party-goers the whole way, as the place was literally packed out by 8:30pm with the party spilling out onto the street! A big thanks goes out to all those who made it, and don’t worry if you missed out on getting a DVD as we’ll be distributing these through Quiksilver & snowboard stores over the next few weeks, as well as at our own events this winter. Check the full image gallery online here!
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Shaun White & Oakley Bring Air & Style To Beijing

20 October 2010, 14.42 | Posted in China Snowboarding | No comments »

On December 4th 2010 for the first time the legendary Air & Style contest will take place in the Olympic Sports Center Stadium, Beijing. This Snowboard event provides a unique mixture of high class snowboarding combined with musical top acts performing live on stage.


“虎 am I?” Thrailer–China New Snowboarding Video

30 June 2010, 18.23 | Posted in China Snowboarding | No comments »

My mate Steve’s new snowboarding video trailer. You should go check this shit out!



30 May 2010, 14.49 | Posted in China Snowboarding | No comments »

The NIKE 6.0 Summer Lab opens this May 29th, as a fully shreddable indoor snow park located in Qiaobo Ice & Snow World just outside of Beijing. No matter how hot it is outside now, inside its always cool and there is a fresh shaped park there every day. stoked. thx nike. see below for some action and lifestyle shots. (Snowboarding is more and more popular in China, as I know, there are 3 indoor snow parks in China–Qiaobo in Beijing, one in Shanghai and one in Shenzhen.)










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