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Andrew Guan

Skullcandy TV-Hainan Surfing Trip

30 March 2011, 17.30 | Posted in China Surfing | No comments »

Skullcandy China Hainan Surfing Trip. Video by Daniel Liu.


Wanning Surfing Festival Skate Contest Final

09 November 2010, 17.48 | Posted in China Skate Contest, China Surfing | No comments »

More sunshine and more fun this afternoon. Today’s final adapted Best of Line and all 7 skaters were divided into 3 groups. They were given 5 minutes to jam and only the line including more than 2 tricks could be counted. Lu Junyan won the game and P Dan, Cyres follow him as 2nd and 3rd. On the other side, Wanning International Surfing Contest put the show on at the Riyue Bay. Continue read to check the photos.
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Wanning Surfing Festival Skate Contest Day 1

07 November 2010, 04.24 | Posted in China Skate Contest, China Surfing | No comments »

To be a part of Hainan Wanning International surfing festival, Surfing China brings skate contest and 2010SDA art show to the beach. Cyres, P Dan from Vans China team, Lu Junyan, Li Jialong from Quiksilver HK team, Li Zhixing from Challenge Skateboards and A Can, Mao Chenxu shredded the beach park all the afternoon. P Dan won first day’s contest. For the surfing part, a bunch of international pro surfers were invited and they have already started to warm up in the waves of Shimei Bay.
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Surfing China Festival | Silver Dragon in Hangzhou

17 October 2010, 06.47 | Posted in China Surfing | No comments »

Silver Dragon has been finished for a while, now let’s trace back and taste it again via a collection of amazing images, featuring Jamie Sterling, Mikala Jones, Robert Wingnut Weaver and Mary Osborne. Photo: Xie Shi
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Surfing China and Wabsono Announces 4 Tidal Bore Surfers for 2010

09 September 2010, 18.56 | Posted in China Surfing | No comments »

(Hangzhou, China Sept. 2010) Surfing China today announced the names of the 4 invited surfers to this years Qintang Tidal Bore event scheduled for September 23rd – 25th in Hangzhou, China.
Returning for a second year is Hawaiian big wave charger, Jamie Sterling
New this year,
Jamie’s regular tow partner and fellow Hawaiian Mikala Jones of the famous North Shore Joneses.
On the second ski, co star of Endless summer “part deaux”, Longboarder and SUPer, Robert “Wingnut” Weaver of Santa Cruz will be joined by the costar and winner of the longboard divison of MTV’s “Surfer Girls”, the multi talented Mary Osborne of Ventura.

The event is held during the Fall lunar equinox, in the beautiful Chinese city of Hangzhou. The Qintang river bore breaks for over 30 miles and is regularly between 9 and 12 ft faces. There are big rolling faces, walls of white water and reflecting wedged barrels along the way. 4 to 6 world class surfers will trade cut backs, slashs, airs and tail whips as they ride the daily bore to the cheers and amazement of literally hundreds of thousands of people lining the shores.

Past years athletes included Rusty & Greg Long, Mark Healy and Serghino Laus.

For additional Information, contact Glenn Brumage gbrumage@cox.net
or visit: http://www.surfingchinaexpo.com/