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13 October 2013, 05.16 | Posted in My Life | No comments »

Man Yau – Semiprecious from Cocoa on Vimeo.



Makia Clothing Headquarter Tour

16 August 2012, 09.26 | Posted in My Life | No comments »

One more surprise of the Radical Design Week Finland trip. Glad to meet Samuli Heino in Helsinki and we took a tour of Makia Clothing’s awesome office!

Samuli used to be Element Euro brand manager, moved back to Finland last year and focus on Makia biz now

This is the best ever oldschool tour bus I have ever seen.

warehouse for online shop

show room

PingPong is familiar for me

Thanks Sam for the Sauna deck!

meeting room

They even have a sauna room in their office! true Finnish style

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Converse China Coastal Carnage Tour – Report One

01 August 2011, 10.21 | Posted in My Life | No comments »

Thanks Converse China for inviting me come to Huntington Beach with their team rider Li Zhixing, China Team Manager Eric Lai, APAC Marketing Director Ian and China Marketing Director Stephanie. Before the U.S. Open start, we went skate with the local Converse crew, shopping at LA, drinking lots of beer and enjoying the perfect sunny day on the beach…
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Source Steve Gorrow 2010 Beijing Party

12 November 2010, 18.09 | Posted in My Life | No comments »

I went to Source Beijing for the opening of the Garage Art Tour with an exhibition from clothing brand Insight’s Creative Director Steve Gorrow. There are over 40 pieces of original artwork, Candy Monster will play a live show. Lots of friends there, nice start of this weekend.
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Nike SB’s new tee looks exactly like my photo

15 June 2010, 20.00 | Posted in My Life | No comments »

look at that, OMG, that’s soooo funny! I shoot this picture in 2006.