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Andrew Guan

Adidas Three Stripe Skate Hype 4 Photos

02 September 2010, 05.43 | Posted in China Skate Contest | 1 comment »

Adidas Three Stripe Skate Hype4 was rounded off last weekend in Shanghai’s Top Toys Skate Park, and it represented the top level among all the contests in China I’ve seen so far this year. The best skaters in China gathered together, showing off their fanciest tricks and bringing hot waves to both nights. The real star of the whole contest is A DEE, a Taiwanese skater who just settled down in Shanghai. This Adidas’ pro skater made his way to the top and won a prize of 8,000 RMB. Since it started, Adidas Three Stripe Skate Hype has always been one of the most exciting skateboarding contests in China.
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Adidas Three Stripe Skate Hype 4

22 August 2010, 18.35 | Posted in China Skate Contest | No comments »

Adidas Three Stripe Skate Hype is one of the best skate contest in China. You can check out what happened in the previous years here. This year’s contest is taking place in Shanghai Toy Toys skatepark next weekend.
2000RMB prize with one year flow contract for the AM group champion, 8000RMB for the pro group.