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Andrew Guan

VANS China Image Store Is Opened

19 June 2010, 17.35 | Posted in China Skate Shop | No comments »

After come to China, VANS did really good business here and they just opend their first image store yesterday in the Joy City Mall, Beijing. Except shopping vans shoes, you can go play Wii game in the store for free. You can surf internet or watch all the vans skate videos on 4 new iMac. They even built a miniramp in the store(but it’s not open to public)! Let me show you some photos I shoot two days before they opened.
Here you are…
The shoes wall, there are must some one fit you.
the windows try to show you how hard core vans are
The show rack looks like a quarter pipe
History everywhere
This is my fav part

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Terry Xie’s Portfolio

10 June 2010, 17.25 | Posted in China Skate Photos | 1 comment »

Terry Xie a.k.a. Xie Shi, he was born and raised in Nanjing, freelance photographer. After graduating in 2003, Terry began to engage in commercial photography and skateboarding photography. He has photographed many photos for NikeSB, Adidas Skateboarding, Gift Skateboards in China. He is try to show people the skateboarding’s art and culture through his lens.

Mark 360flip double set Dec. 2007
Mark is from Denmark, he is my roommate at that time. I shoot this photo at Xuzhou, Anhui Province.

Cyres Wang, fs ollie grab, Jun. 2008
During Safari Skateboards team Nanjing tour(Cyres ride for Safari Skateboards at that time). Raining day, bad weather.

A Can, fs Ollie, Jul. 2008, Shaoguan, Guangdong Province

Ma Yunxiang, nose grind, Nov. 2008, Nanjing
Ma start skate in 1994, he is one of the earlier group of skaters in China. The spirit of skateboarding to treat everyone admire him.

Mark, fs boardslide, Dec. 2008
There was no light when we took this photo(except my flash), Mark did it with his feeling, incredible!

Mark, Ollie, Jan. 2009
That’s a super cold night.

Mark, Blunt Shove Out, Feb. 2009
After Mark land this trick, the hand rail was broken…

Mark, bs nosegrind, Jan. 2009.
Chaotiangong Square, Nanjing. Natural skate plaza

Mark, bs kickflip, Jan. 2009. We skated all night, there is no people on the road at that time.

Mark, bs kickflip

Keng Qu, bs smith grind, Jun. 2008

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Leong Zhang’s Portfolio

07 June 2010, 18.51 | Posted in China Skate Photos | No comments »

Leong Zhang, Skater, Surfer, Skateboard Photographer. He was born in 1985 and grew up in Shenzhen. Start to skating and taking photos in 2003. Working at Challenge Skateboards during 2005-2008 in charge of the first China skateboarding magazine “WHATSUP”.
He is good at take skate photos with film.

Cyres Wang, 360flip (Cyres skate for VANS China team and he just found his own brand Vagabond Skateboards with his friends. 360flip is his best trick)

Yoyo, crooked grind

Li Zhixing, bs 5-0 (a very young skater from North East of China)

Eddy Lai, tail blunt

Bao Baoliu, bs nosegrind

Arrow, bs Smith (Arrow is from HK, hard rock style)

Fu Lingchao, bs kickflip (Fu Lingchao’s English name is Thrasher, he is a talented skater from Shenzhen, nobody can do this trick better than him)

Paul, heelflip (2005, This is the first time for me to use Medium format Camera)

Luci, kickflip (Luci is from Marca, this trick is the last trick of a line)

Leo, salad grind (Leo is from Guangzhou, his nick name is 板王, means king of skateboard, hand rail is his favorite)

Eddy Lai, Ollie (Chongqing)

Keng Qu, feeble grind (Keng Qu is the China “TNT”, I shoot this one with a cheap China brand flash cost about 10 dollors. Kunming, Yunnan Province)

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28 May 2010, 16.51 | Posted in China Skate Event | No comments »


Beijing – 20th.Jun, 2010: In honor of International Go Skateboarding Day, Vans brings Chinese skateboarding community together on June 20th. To skate the best skateboarding spots and parks in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu, with an evening event of music and art show. Vans has partnered with core skate accounts in SH, BJ & CD, and invited a special guest, a long-time skater, the famous movie star Xia Yu, to celebrate the sports and culture of skateboarding.
Go Skateboarding Day, held on June 21st every year, is the official oliday of skateboarding. The holiday began on June 21, 2003 and was founded by the International Association of Skateboard Companies ( IASC) and began witih a few simple skate sessions and BBQs held in skateboarding’s unofficial capital, Southern California. Go Skateboarding Day gives passionate skateboarders, as well as those who are simply inspired by skateboarding, the opportunity to drop everything and get on a skateboard.

In a homage to Vans roots as the original action sports footwear brand since 1966, and introducing the world’s first skateboarding shoe, the Era, in 1976, designed in partnership with skateboarding Legends Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta; Vans is excited to activate this global event across multiple countries in Asia Pacific.

“We’re super excited to bring the Chinese skateboarding community together again for the 2nd year in a row to celebrate skateboarding with the local crew, as well as to invite new participants to discover skateboarding culture. This year to maximize participation, we will hold the event on Sunday, June 20th, with art show and music to celebrate it!” Said Mathew Morgan, Vans Sports Marketing Manager.
The BJ event kicks off at Wang Fujin Church, ends in Yu Gong Yi Shan Live Hse with the Top local Punk Band REFLECTOR’s performance and Xia Yu’s presence to celebrate the date. The Shanghai event starts at #706 Changle Rd Vans store, and the Chengdu event begins at Vans Retail Store at Di Yi Cheng, passes by the Chairman Mao’s statues on Ren Min Rd and all events are with lots of drinks and fantastic music in the local popular bars.
Vans is excited to bring the annual event to all Chinese youth to inspire their self expression!
About Vans
Vans, the original skate shoe maker, creates a full range of footwear and apparel for skaters. Vans supports grassroots skateboarding at both the local and national level and through our pro team that includes skaters such as Geoff Rowley, Tony Trujillo, Dustin Dollin, Anthony Van Engelen, Bucky Lasek and Omar Hassan as well as legends Tony Alva, Steve Caballero, Jeff Grosso and Christian Hosoi. Vans stages two of the world’s most progressive skate contests in the Pro-tec Pool Party and the Vans Downtown Showdown.

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Switch Plaza-One of the best Skatepark in China

26 May 2010, 19.24 | Posted in China Skatepark | 1 comment »

Switch Plaza was in Shenzhen(near HongKong), it was start to built in 2005 and opened in April, 2006. Switch Plaza be built by Wayout Sporting Goods Company. At that time, I was working at Wayout and in charge of China market — Switch Distribution. Suburban Rails help us designed this park. This is the second concrete skatepark and the second skatepark with a bowl in China(the first one is Shanghai SMP, the largest skatepark all over the world). I really like the bowl in the park, that’s the first time I skate a bowl. We invited Tumyeto team came for our grand opening. During 2006-2008, many U.S. pro team and legend skaters have been there, we also organized many cool skate contests and events like Independent Bowl Party, skate deck art show and guitar night… If Shenzhen on your travel list, Switch Plaza is the place you have to visit.
March 2006, the test opening night session
This is my fav part
I moved back Beijing in 2008, I am so missing my park there.
for full size photo, go check it out in my flickr.
March 2006, Shenzhen local skaters
We teach kids how to skate
2006-05-13 067
May 2006, one of the skate video premier
照片 207
July 2006, China local skate brand the people skateboards team in the park
Skating in the Pool?! (Joy, July 2006)
Hang with Chris Haslam in the park(April, 2008)
Rodney Mullen in the park(October, 2006)
Fallen team hold a demo in our park in April 2007
Chris Cole shredding the park, approved why he is the S.O.T.Y.
Dec. 2007, Guitar Night, local skater’s band show
Dec. 2007, local skate photographer Liang Shao’s photo exhibision
Jan.2008 local skate artist Joy’s skate deck art show
March 2008, Simple Bowl Contest (Simple is a brand of complete skateboard, belong to Switch Distribution)
April 2008, Independent Contest
Johnathan Meador
照片 256
Cory Duffel, Don Nug, Dyson Remons, Matt Ball came for the grand opening at April 2006, judged the best trick contest and did a demo
照片 290
照片 320
free give away
Sep. 2007 Independent Bowl Party
Oct.2007 City team in the park. (Jimmy Cao, Nose slide)
2006-05-13 025
Thrasher(Fu Lingchao, a Shenzhen local skater, one of the best pro skater in China), bs smith, 2006
2006-05-13 045
Cyres Wang(one of the best pro skater in China, vans china team rider) 2006
Thomas, a Canada skater who living in Shenzhen, during Independent bowl party(photo by Jessy Warron)
Arrow, HongKong skater, Vagabond skateboards. during Challenge Summer Contest 2006
2006-08-05 142
Luo Jiansen, AT Distribution, 2006

I have thousands of photos about Switch Plaza and our wonderful skate life there.

Switch Plaza Location: Sports Center, Huaguoshan Road, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China.

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