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Andrew Guan

Thrasher X Converse King of The Road China 2011 Thrailer

01 November 2011, 13.53 | Posted in China Skate Video | No comments »

This is AWESOME!

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KOTR China After Party

02 October 2011, 10.25 | Posted in China Skate Event | 1 comment »

Converse China bring Thrasher King of The Road come to China, 4 China Skateboard Team just finished the 2 weeks journey and meet up at Beijing with Cons U.S. pro team and Thrasher Skate Rock crew. Jack announced the winner for the first year of KOTR China is GIFT team, SHOX team second, THE PEOPLE SKATEBOARDS third and VGBD team is the fourth. Pretty sick party with Skate Rock show and Cons miniramp session. China skateobarding is on fire!

Dustin always looks drunk

Don Nug come back to China again

Baca love the billiards

Zhang Ziyang broke his ankle the day before KOTR finished

Zeng Bingfeng, Beijing local oldschool skater

Alex Huang, VGBD pro skater

Nathan from ATD

Danniel working hard


Shox team

The KOTR China trailer is the real fucking shit!!


Winner – GIFT team!

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King Of The Road China!

18 September 2011, 09.35 | Posted in China Skate Event | 4 comments »

King Of The Road China gonna start from Sep.19, 12 days road trip, from Xi’an to Beijing. 4 China skateboard team (Vagabond Skateboards, Gift Skateboards, Shox Skateboards & People Skateboards). Prize for winner is RMB96,000! Sponsor is Converse China.

Thrasher will hold a after party at Sep.30 in Beijing, Jake Phelps will announce the result by the time.

The People Skateboards

* Raph ( TM )
* Anthony Claravall ( Video )
* Florian Hopfensperger ( Photo )
* Xu Ying
* Dan Leung (Hong Kong )
* Dan Sonsrichai (USA )
* Zhang Ziyang
* Piet Guilfoyle ( France )


* Jeff Han ( TM )
* Charles Lanceplaine ( Video )
* Terry Xie ( Photo )
* Thrasher Fu
* Johnny Tang ( Canada )
* Johnnie Tang (Hong Kong)
* Che Lin
* A Dee


* He Jie
* Tommy Zhao ( USA )
* Fan Xing ( Photo )
* Luo Jiansen
* Tyler Matsuoka ( USA )
* Sasha (Russia)
* Zhenya (Russia)
* Do Ngoc Linh (Vietnam)


* Eric Lai ( TM )
* Dannil Liu ( Video )
* Leon Zhang ( Photo )
* Du Minggen
* Cyres Wang
* Alex Huang
* Chen Wei
* Wu Yongxiong

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Converse China Mongolia Tour Photos

17 August 2011, 19.35 | Posted in China Skate Photos | No comments »

Behind the lens of Converse China new skate trip documentary “Where Do We Land?” , photographer Zhang Liang bring tons of beautiful photos for us to reproduce the entire journey.
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Where Do We Land?

02 August 2011, 09.05 | Posted in China Skate Video | No comments »

This is Converse China team’s new skate video. 10 days Mongolia tour, crazy country and awesome video!


“Where do we land”

25 July 2011, 18.28 | Posted in China Skate Video | No comments »

“Where do we land” is another skate video from Converse China after the “逆”, Cons China skate team Eric Lai, Thrasher Fu, Hei Chai, Li Zhixing, Keng Qu, Xuying and Dan spent 10 days in Mongolia this June. There is a trailer leaked and the premiere at this Friday night!
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Converse Shanghai Miniramp Session

23 May 2011, 03.57 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Converse Miniramp Party in Shanghai, BBQ, Beer, Skate video and miniramp, you can’t ask for more. (continue reading for more photos)

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Converse Shanghai Block Party

23 May 2011, 03.32 | Posted in China Skate Event | No comments »

2011年5月14日,CONVERSE在上海莫干山路创造了国内第一个真正意义上的街头派对,使滑板文化真正回归”街头”。这场集合了嘻哈音乐、3对3篮球,现场涂鸦,街头斗舞,跳蚤市场,滑板比赛,各式小吃的全民狂欢会让所有热爱街头运动的人们都心潮澎湃。各路街头好手、时髦潮人、创意青年们纷至沓来,来自美国布鲁克林的说唱大师JERU THE DAMAJA 的空降助阵,更将这场史无前例的派对推向高潮!这个被热血、热情甚至热烘烘的烤羊肉串点燃的下午,这个充满着尖叫声、音乐声、滑板声、篮球撞击声的下午,将成为中国街头文化一个历史性时刻!
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Converse “逆” Launch Party Review Video

07 December 2010, 12.30 | Posted in China Skate Event | No comments »

Weeks have passed by since the grand premiere parties for their first skate video “逆” in China, Converse has just released a review video bring us back to those crazy nights!


Converse 逆 Premiere Party

14 November 2010, 18.15 | Posted in China Skate Event | 1 comment »

The Converse party last night was a lot more than a skate movie premiere, by offering a nice mini-ramp and all-night skating, free drinks and snacks, live music and even tattoo-making! This was definitely the biggest skate-themed party in China ever. Converse U.S. team, A.U. team, China team and tons of local skaters shreded the miniramp all night, lots of fun. The movie “逆” is a skateboard tour documentary, Converse China team spent 28 days touring 5 cities (Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xining, Dali, Kunming). Besides sick tricks, it also includes interviews with skaters across China. It’s a movie telling the stories of Chinese skaters.
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