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Andrew Guan

Source Steve Gorrow 2010 Beijing Party

12 November 2010, 18.09 | Posted in My Life | No comments »

I went to Source Beijing for the opening of the Garage Art Tour with an exhibition from clothing brand Insight’s Creative Director Steve Gorrow. There are over 40 pieces of original artwork, Candy Monster will play a live show. Lots of friends there, nice start of this weekend.
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Volcom Screen Print & BBQ Party at Source Beijing

08 August 2010, 17.49 | Posted in China Skate Event | No comments »

Volcom Screen Print & BBQ Party at Source Beijing yesterday, This summer Volcom be supporting a two month screen printing project in Shanghai and Beijing, titled Volcom x Young Emerging Chinese Artists Screen Printing Workshop. The event will bring together some of the best young Chinese and Western creatives in China to give workshops on screen printing methods, as well to launch the first Volcom t-shirt collaboration project in China. The workshops will take place at the source Shanghai store on July 17th and the source Beijing store on August 7th, 2010.

The vibe of the Volcom Screen Printing Workshop will be “backyard barbeque.” For those missing that backyard feeling and for those who like the smell of a traditional bbq, this will be THE summer event. Source will be bringing the backyard indoors, with live acoustic music, bbq area, beers on tap and grass under foot. In the midst of an urban backyard environment, screen printers will be set up in the middle getting messy. To all guests, be prepared for some painting fun!

Source Beijing Store

with some Beijing local skater: Huang Yang, Wang Xin, Vincent Lee

Raph Cooper, the people skateboards founder

Brian Smith, Source Event Manager(left 2)

snowboarder friend Zhang Wei & Marco

My mate Steve is the founder of Melow Park, the best snowpark in China.

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Neighborhood Girls Photo Show

05 July 2010, 16.43 | Posted in China Skate Event | No comments »

Event Poster
July 7th, 2010 3pm
Source Flagship Store
JinHui Rd 8-9 Gala World City
Card 2
Neighborhood Girls is a photographic portrayal of the girl next door, but perhaps not how you perceive her.

Beijing Photographer and Designer Zhang PengPeng opens his personal collection of polaroid pictorial captures of Neighborhood Girls specially for SOURCE Beijing.

Join us on July 7th for the opening of this unique photographic gallery or feel free to drop by throughout the month of July while Neighborhood girls remains on display.
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About the Artist

Zhang PengPeng Graduated in 2006 from the Science and Technology University in XiAn, majoring in photography. Upon graduating he entered the XinWei magazine group where he began his career as a photographer. PengPeg’s style emphasized on the strange, sexy, and street style of his surroundings. In 2009 PengPeng and a friend started up their own company, POP-UP. Through hip and trendy magazines such as Size, they were able to get a foothold in the market and begin doing shoots and designs for other big name publications. More so, POP-UP was able to parlay its relations with specialized stores such as SOURCE and DEAL to work on special shoots with Nike, Clot, Puma, ect, to better convey their style to the market. Sticking close to their street culture roots, they have been able to work closely with many of China’s more core street culture circles.

Using a SNAP SHOT style of photography and employing the looks of many attractive ladies, PengPeng was able to gradually encompass a more complete field of photographic muses: Armed Forces, Automobiles, Gothic, amongst many other.
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