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Andrew Guan

Converse Thrasher KOTR Premiere Party Forth Stop – Gift, Shanghai

19 March 2012, 05.23 | Posted in China Skate Event | No comments »

Converse Thrasher KOTR China的最后一场PARTY昨晚回到GIFT team的主场上海,除了一如既往的酒水疯狂和期待已久的GIFT KOTR录像首映之外,还加映了KOTR全程的花絮部分视频,大家就等周一Thrasher官方微博发布视频吧.
Converse Thrasher King Of The Road premiere party came back to Shanghai, the winner Gift Team’s hometown last night. This is the last stop, really don’t want to say bye for KOTR China, it bring lots of fun and crazy memory for us, thanks Converse to make it happen and keep your eyes on Thrasher China’s official Weibo Account for the Gift Team video part next Monday morning!

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Converse Thrasher KOTR Premiere Party Third Stop – Shox, Guangzhou

05 March 2012, 11.39 | Posted in China Skate Event | No comments »

After Vagabond party in Shenzhen and Society party in Beijing, Converse bring the Thrasher King Of The Road premiere party to Guangzhou for Shox Team last night. The highlight of the party is there are two girls joint the beer pump contest! Check the photos blow…

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Converse Thrasher KOTR Premiere Party Second Stop – Society, Beijing

05 March 2012, 11.31 | Posted in China Skate Event | No comments »

The Society Skateboards hosted second KOTR China party in Beijing at Feb.25th. This is one of the most crazy party I have been and it last till 4:00am…

Queen Of The Road

Converse Thrasher KOTR Premiere Party First Stop – Vagabond, Shenzhen

19 February 2012, 07.42 | Posted in China Skate Event | No comments »

Thrasher King Of The Road China premiere party first stop – Shenzhen, featured Vagabond Team footage last night at Songshe Bar. hundreds skaters joint the party from Guangdong province and HongKong. Converse prepared beer pump battle, KOTR photo show, Queen of The Road vote and foosball contest. The video will be online next Monday, please follow Thrasher China’s official Weibo for the news.

Vagabond Crew

Vagabond HongKong Crew

Vagabond Team Photo Show

Free stuff waiting for give away.

Beer Pump Contest

QUEEN OF THE ROAD, vote with strickers


VANS X 8Five2Shop Skatepark Grand Openning Party in HongKong

19 February 2012, 07.36 | Posted in China Skate Event | No comments »

VANS X 8FIVE2SHOP indoor skatepark opened last night at HongKong. Vans also bring the Thrasher 30th Anniversary Photo Show there for celebrate. Warren, Sam Lee, Stephan Jonaski, Matthew Morgan and lots of HongKong skate crew attend the party.
Photo by Jimmy

Thrasher 30years Photo Show

Stefan Jonaski和Thrasher Mag的Dave

8Five2Shop创始人 Brian

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Thrasher KOTR China New Trailer & Launch Party Plan!

14 February 2012, 19.49 | Posted in China Skate Event, China Skate Video | No comments »

After 5 months waiting, the First part of Thrasher KOTR China’s full length video finally gonna coming out this Friday in Shenzhen. Before the premiere party, they are giving out a new trailer yesterday in China. Sponsor Converse China will host 4 premiere party in 4 cities (where the 4 skate team came from – Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen). Plenty of free gifts are waiting for the local skaters. I heard they even prepared BEER PUMP!! Of couse, ladies, RMB1000 for the QUEEN OF THE ROAD.

Premiere Party Schedule:

Shenzhen – Vagabond Team
When: 8:00pm, Feb 17th
Where: 鬆舍酒吧(深圳市南山区蛇口南海意为创意园6栋110)

Beijing – Society Team
When: 8:00pm, Feb. 23th
Where: HAZE Bar(北京市朝阳区光华路SOHO A101号)

Guangzhou – Shox Team
When: 8:00pm, Mar. 2nd
Where: Loft Bar(广州市海珠区江南东路晓港花园19号4楼)

Shanghai – Gift Team
When & Where to be confirmed

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Thrasher 30th Anniversary Photo Show in Shanghai

23 November 2011, 17.01 | Posted in China Skate Event | No comments »

To be the last stop of VANS Pro team China tour, Thrasher bring their 30th anniversary photo show to Shanghai, Leo Gallery this Monday evening. 127 photos bring the skateboarding history to China skaters.


Thrasher X Converse King of The Road China 2011 Thrailer

01 November 2011, 13.53 | Posted in China Skate Video | No comments »

This is AWESOME!

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KOTR China After Party

02 October 2011, 10.25 | Posted in China Skate Event | 1 comment »

Converse China bring Thrasher King of The Road come to China, 4 China Skateboard Team just finished the 2 weeks journey and meet up at Beijing with Cons U.S. pro team and Thrasher Skate Rock crew. Jack announced the winner for the first year of KOTR China is GIFT team, SHOX team second, THE PEOPLE SKATEBOARDS third and VGBD team is the fourth. Pretty sick party with Skate Rock show and Cons miniramp session. China skateobarding is on fire!

Dustin always looks drunk

Don Nug come back to China again

Baca love the billiards

Zhang Ziyang broke his ankle the day before KOTR finished

Zeng Bingfeng, Beijing local oldschool skater

Alex Huang, VGBD pro skater

Nathan from ATD

Danniel working hard


Shox team

The KOTR China trailer is the real fucking shit!!


Winner – GIFT team!

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King Of The Road China!

18 September 2011, 09.35 | Posted in China Skate Event | 4 comments »

King Of The Road China gonna start from Sep.19, 12 days road trip, from Xi’an to Beijing. 4 China skateboard team (Vagabond Skateboards, Gift Skateboards, Shox Skateboards & People Skateboards). Prize for winner is RMB96,000! Sponsor is Converse China.

Thrasher will hold a after party at Sep.30 in Beijing, Jake Phelps will announce the result by the time.

The People Skateboards

* Raph ( TM )
* Anthony Claravall ( Video )
* Florian Hopfensperger ( Photo )
* Xu Ying
* Dan Leung (Hong Kong )
* Dan Sonsrichai (USA )
* Zhang Ziyang
* Piet Guilfoyle ( France )


* Jeff Han ( TM )
* Charles Lanceplaine ( Video )
* Terry Xie ( Photo )
* Thrasher Fu
* Johnny Tang ( Canada )
* Johnnie Tang (Hong Kong)
* Che Lin
* A Dee


* He Jie
* Tommy Zhao ( USA )
* Fan Xing ( Photo )
* Luo Jiansen
* Tyler Matsuoka ( USA )
* Sasha (Russia)
* Zhenya (Russia)
* Do Ngoc Linh (Vietnam)


* Eric Lai ( TM )
* Dannil Liu ( Video )
* Leon Zhang ( Photo )
* Du Minggen
* Cyres Wang
* Alex Huang
* Chen Wei
* Wu Yongxiong

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