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Brad Clarke

Don’t steal in my hood..I’m watching!

13 October 2010, 01.43 | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 comments »

Crackheads. They are an everyday part of NYC, on the train, the street, and in front of your corner store. Earlier today I was getting ready to leave my BK apt when I looked out my bedroom window and saw a damn crackhead scaling my neighbors balcony. In broad daylight this dude was going for a unlocked bike on a balcony!! Little did he know that I was about to chase him three blocks(after I took some pics) and body check his ass off the bike. Worst part is mad people saw him doing it and didn’t even say anything, those people are the first to complain about how the neighborhood is bad. Move your stupid ass back to Kansas. I patrol my own hood. Radcollector is for the people!

  1. Brad Clarke is my hero. We need to get this Superman phone booths on every block.

  2. betsy:

    Brad you ROCK.. What you did was awesome..BEAUTIFUL

  3. [...] other day i got to meet my neighbor, Jenny who’s bike i returned from the climbing crackhead. She was real cool & really appreciative to have her bike back, she even brought it down to [...]

  4. christa:

    Thanks for looking out for my girl!!

  5. “Evil only prevails when good men fail to act”. Brad Clarke body checks Evil into the muthfuckin’ pavement!

  6. Hell yea! That’s what I call a Raleigh protection plan…we gladly appreciate your services good sir!

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