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Brian Jones

Random Photos of Life – Part 1

08 December 2009, 22.18 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

With my job, I’ve had the pleasure of traveling on some pretty rad trips to varied locations and helped launch some great products with events. The best part is I can’t seem to take my pesky little finger off the camera trigger, so I have a lot of reminders of the good, bad and the ugly! Hey, I look at it like this, if I take a few hundred photos at a time there’s got to be some legit photos to keep, right? Man, is there some random-ass people out there! One minute you’re stuck with cousin Eddie and the next minute your drinking with some young team dudes who drink your beer like the born-on-date is an expiration date. But, it’s all in good fun!

Through all these great times, I have a plethora of images that had no home to go to, now they do. I’ll throw up a few every now and then, but for now, here’s a small handful from a trip I took with the Emerica team in 2006 for Emerica’s Wild Ride and Wild in the Streets. The Emerica team took an 11 day trek on the Wild Ride from Denver, CO to Chicago, IL on Harley-Davidson’s (Well most did at least, others RV’ed it.) for Wild in the Streets on Go Skateboarding Day. All of these photos are from Chicago for Wild in the Streets, I will upload the Wild Ride photos another time. Enjoy!

In 2006 and 2007, Emerica had a collaboration with none other than the Archbishop Don “Magic” Juan himself, so fresh off our flight, me and the Bishop had to head over to the Man Cow radio show to be there by 6 a.m. for a radio interview. Yup, he rocked that kit that early in the morning! Respect the game fool!

This is the Boss himself, Brandon Westgate and Matt Allen waiting to exit the RV for our long-ass 5 mile skate in the Chicago summer heat for Wild in the Streets.

Notorious B.O.B.

Heath Kirchart signing for fans.

When we were waiting for the rumbling skateboard wheels to take over Chicago, Ed took a seat on Heath’s bike so I had to snap a shot. (Probably the first and last time you will ever see Ed on a motorcycle.)

Braydon sat with Ed for a tender moment.

And then tried to eat my camera!

This is about 2 miles into our skate. Ed was one of the leaders of the pack…

… of about 5,000 skateboarders! If you have never been a part of a Wild in the Streets event, I highly suggest you try it, it’s pretty intense!

Good friend and one of the Founders of Brixton, David Stoddard made the trek too.

As did Dustin Beatty from Anthem, Janae Twissleman and Altamont Brand Manager, Justin Regan.

And then, after a noted “kit change”, Bishop took over the skate demo! Dudes nuts, but awesome!

– Look for Randoms Part 2 soon….

- JONES  -

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