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Brian Jones

Rad Omen, Rad Anthem on Rad Collector

16 January 2010, 10.15 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Take a peek at this new lick from Rad Omen that a friend of mine, Troublemaker, provided the beats for and is also the Burger King Man character in the video. The beats on this jump are pretty damn tight and the video just makes it that much better! Well worth the watch!



Matix Headphone Launch Party After Agenda

13 January 2010, 02.51 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

On the last night of Agenda, Matix threw a launch party for their new line of headphones at a popular night club spot in Costa Mesa, CA named Sutra. After two full days of a bro-down fest of high-fives, hand shakes, saying the same thing over and over to the questions, “How have you been and what have you been doing?” a night of chaos was much needed. All you had to say was two words and I knew I would be there in a heartbeat! “Open Bar!” So, after finishing up my final appointments I scooted on over to Sutra with Timbo from Rad Collector and Pete Williams from High Snobiety to indulge in some free Patron and Stella’s.

As we get into Sutra, we headed straight to the first bar we saw for the first round of drinks. This beautiful bartender approaches us with a bewildered look on her face and proceeds to say, “Umm…I don’t think you guys are in the right place right now, have you taken a look around yet?”  We all looked at each other and then looked around and were still confused, but then after we got our drinks things became much clearer. A global jewelry company was holding their annual sales meeting and dinner at Sutra on the main floor till 10 p.m. and we were the only dudes of like 300 cougars! No lie! The security guard pointed us in the wrong direction for the Matix party and sent us straight into the Lion’s Den, literally! Every girl in the spot looked at us as if they were on the show Survivor for three weeks and we were a steak, it was kind of scary but pretty damn funny at the same time.  Once our 10 min of chaos of almost being eaten alive was over, we were directed to the correct section of Sutra where we saw familiar faces and felt a little more at ease after feeling like we were the 5th course on the meal for the Cougars! Once inside, we had to tell the story to what was just outside of the doors of doom and then proceeded to head right back out so we can watch the faces of all the dudes who were about to see what 300 hungrey women on a business trip look like! It made me realize, dudes are puppy’s on trips compared to a large mass of men starved women!

Peep the photos from the night below.

Most have seen these already but they are the Matix x Diamond collab and a purple cord ear bud set.

This is the first shot when Timbo went straight into the Cougers Den.

Peter getting into the mix with Timbo! We couldn’t stop smiling cause it was so damn funny!

Me, Peter and Timbo. We took this shot so that our bodies could be identified by the coroner.

After our story filtered at the Matix section dudes had to see this in person. So, Cullen Poythress, Marketing Manager for DVS followed us out to the den with a group of other people. We got kicked out again within 5 min! Ha.

Since I am always the one snapping the shots, I had to take a self photo with me and Timbo so I could prove I witnessed this fiasco, this chick just popped in out of no where and was ready to feast on my flesh. She doesn’t look happy, she looks hungry!

Once the fun with the Cougars was over we popped back to the main spot. Peter, Timbo and Tim Gavin.
Timbo and Guy Mariano.
Geordie Gillies, Nick Diamond and Jeron Wilson in the Matix section.

Matix Marketing Manager, Erica Yary.

Erica’s awesome boyfriend Eric and Tim Gavin.

DJ M!so spun during the night! Ha, what a great fucking name!

I could try to take a photo with this many colors again and it would never happen. I’m an accidental artist!

Thanks to Matix for the free booze and unplanned cougar den!


Agenda Trade Show Creeping

12 January 2010, 23.19 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

So, just this past week in Huntington Beach, CA. the Agenda trade show debuted on its own legs for the second time. This shit just keeps getting better and better every year as it goes on. I remember going to my first Agenda years ago when they first started to compete with ASR down in San Diego, CA and being very skeptical of what the show was about. You would be wasted walking out of the booze-filled ASR and walk by these dudes with huge signs and limo’s trying to take you away from the ASR riff-raff of skateboarding mixed in with toys you would see at a swap meet, to a new refreshing environment that was created entirely for our culture. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on ASR, in fact, I have some of my best memories with great friends during those times and since I first went to ASR around 1987ish in Long Beach (It was the year Powell had the circus trade show booth and where I got my first H-Street Ron Allen board, so correct me if my year is wrong.) I had amazing times and connected with great people that have helped me stay in the life of skateboarding which I still eat, sleep and dream about today! But, I will say it was time for a change and Agenda took their business model to sunny Huntington Beach, CA.

The energy of the first Agenda over the summer was great! A plethora of skateboard and street culture brands mixed with the bikini filled beaches of the summer was a perfect setting to kick off Agenda in Huntington Beach. This past week for Agenda was, in my opinion, the real test for the show, to see if Agenda could hold its own with hype and attendance in the winter months of a beach city as the only draw in town. Well, Agenda didn’t disappoint one bit and this show was even more crowded than the past summers show. It had that feel of trade shows from years ago before they went all crazy with random products, just great friends, better times, booze and plenty of orders being written.

Here’s a small collection of photos I took at the show. No real product shots of hot new goodies to get your grubby hands on here, those will come in the next few days, these are just faces in the crowd for you to creep out on.

It would be wrong to not show how sick the sky was the first night of the show. Looks like Huntington Beach was a good choice for Agenda.

As soon as you walked in, this was the first thing you would see! Emerica team rider, Ed Templeton created this masterpiece. I like how the  Toy Machine Transistor Sect is wrapped around her like a pencil topper and is pretty fixated on her chest! Who wouldn’t be though, right!?!?

Kellen from Agenda and skater Lauren Perkins, yes skater and she rips!

Altamont bro-down. Skater Theotis Beasley, Brand Manager Justin Regan and Designer Elijah Diaz.

Leader of the SUHD crew and etnies Key Accounts Manager, Jannio Hidalgo in all his Radness.

L to R: Reese1 and Troublemaker from King Fantastic with uber marketing chica, Janae Twisselman.

Nick Diamond posing with some new Diamond juice on his shirt.

Emerica and Altamont skater Bryan Herman and myself after the first day of Agenda.

Brixton PR chica, Arnette Stricker with etnies PR dude, Ashton Maxfield.

My boy Mel B. from FLuD Watches showing me a hot new jewelery line he created. This shits hot, hot , hot! It’s all based on weapons and the components really work, this is a mini butterfly knife that folds in this photo, but there is also a switch blade, folding shotgun, etc… I’ll show more from this line later with it’s own post.

Herman checking out a photo that him and Drew took a while back for an Altamont catalog shoot. The angle of the photo with Reynolds holding that shotgun is pretty sick. You can get away shooting guns at Herman’s house in Victorville, CA, shits crazy!

etnies Entertainment Marketing Manager, Eladio Correa and Altamont designer, Elijah Diaz.

Me and my good homie, Scotty Ill from The Hundreds.