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Brian Jones

New York Media Week – Pt. 1

24 March 2010, 08.31 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

So I got to New York about 6 times a year for media weeks, skate events and any other shenanigans I can get myself into with my NY crew. This past week I was there to show the Altamont, Emerica and eS lines to magazine editors. It was great as always to see a ton of good friends that I don’t get to see that often. Here are a few photos of that week. Note: I have a lot of pics, as always, so this will probably get broken up into 3 different posts because I think little thumbnail photo galleries suck.

Jones Media Week
Upon arrival, I snag Alex Corporan, Hawaii Mike and a few other heads to go out to dinner. I told Alex I wanted to take a photo of his Canadian tuxedo and he ran away from me so this is the best shot I could get of him.

Hawaii only stayed for a day and bailed to California the next day.

Jones Media Week
I don’t know the name of this restaurant, I usually don’t when I am in NY, I just go where Al takes us. I will say, he has never let me down with some kick-ass eats! I thought this bar was pretty dope looking so here it is.

Not only was the bar dope as hell, the restaurant was filled with a shitload of erotic photos and art from the 1800’s and early 1900’s! Bonus!

Jones Media Week
This is where my work starts. I have to set up mini tradeshow displays in the Sole Technology Showroom in SoHo for my media appointments. This is Altamont Apparel Ltd.

Jones Media Week
This is Emerica

And, this is eS Skateboarding.

Jones Media Week
Fresh off his flight from L.A., The Boss himself, Andrew Reynolds, shows up at the showroom to show the Altamont Fall 2010 line with me.

Jones Media Week
Yup, Drew showed the line with me, no joke and he has done it for a few years with me too. It’s refreshing to see any skateboarder actually wear the apparel for the company he skates for. Drew has told me multiple times that this is the first time he has actually worn, head to toe, the apparel for a company he skates for beacuse all the others didn’t represent skateboarding or skateboarders correctly. Afterall, Altamont is Andrew and Justin Regans brain-child.

Check out this video clip Active created about Altamont Apparel Ltd.

YouTube Preview Image


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