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Brian Jones

It Takes Major Dedication

30 April 2010, 16.30 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Anybody that ever looks at skate videos, photos in mags, kids on the street and thinks to themselves, “Dude, that’s not that hard!” or “I could land that trick in a heartbeat!” or even if you’re watching a sick new skate video and see the plethora of bangers that just keep happening, over, and over and over, but you really don’t appreciate what goes into doing some of those tricks or how long it took just for one of those tricks to go down. Well, take a gander at this video below and if you don’t call this COMPLETE dedication to skateboarding and see the extreme amounts of hard work these “ATHLETES” (Yes, I said it, Athletes, because if you can name me one basketball, football or any other publicly accepted pro athlete, that makes way too much money for what they do, who can take this kind of beating, all in one day mind you, please introduce them to me!) put into just nailing this one trick! Chris Cole, Monster, Beast, Man or just someone who has more than deserved SOTY twice?!?! Daaaayyyyyaaaaammmmm Cole! Try and count em and then thank Chris when you see him for his dedication to skateboarding and for giving your mind something to twist over!

Note: Click on the Image or here to watch the video

Chris Cole


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