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Brian Jones

10 Years and 10 Questions with Rodrigo TX

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I recently did an interview with Rodrigo TX on his 10 years on éS for the éS Skateboarding website. But, I will post it here for your reading pleasure too!

10 Years and 10 Questions with Rodrigo TX
Milestones are a rare achievement, most people either give up before they obtain their ultimate goal or fail at the pursuit of it. Recently, Rodrigo TX reached a key milestone of being a major player on the éS team for the last 10 years, so obviously TX is not mixed into this realm of an average person. After just completing a two-song ender in L-R-G’s first full-length video Give Me My Money Chico, Rodrigo finds himself in Brazil back on the road to recovery from a recent knee surgery he had to fix past issues. We were able to catch Rodrigo at home and ask him about his ten years with éS, skateboarding and his reaction to a new website éS is launching in the near future on the history of the brand on the anniversary of 5/19/2010.

10 Years With Rodrigo TX

1. Ten years with éS, man did that seem to fly by! Do you have a story of how you got on the éS team?
Man, ten years I must be getting old…hahaha. Basically, I went to the European contest in 1999 when I was 15 then and I skated all the contests and after winning the last one, which was in Prague. Some skaters hit me up, team managers and I also got invited to skate a contest in NYC.

While I was in Brazil I talked to Bob on the phone a few times and he really wanted me to get on The Firm and éS as well, so I went to the NYC contest and after that to San Diego for a week to stay with Bob, he took me to éS, so he’s the one that got me here, thanks Bob!!!

10 Years With Rodrigo TX

2. You just got to see the development website for the éS Timeline website, what did you think?
I think it’s dope that we did that, so younger kids can know what éS really is and that way they can see what we’ve done all these years…

3. Was there a certain era that you got really psyched to see in that website?
Menikmati days, just cause it means a lot to me, it gives me great flash back memories…

10 Years With Rodrigo TX

4. Out of all of the tours and trips you’ve been on with éS, is there one that sticks out the most in your mind?
Man, the one that sticks out the most is definitely my first one I went on, we were filming for Menikmati and I was super young and didn’t know how to speak English. Just skating and traveling with my favorite skaters and we were street skating all these brand new spots and I remember waxing Macba cause that shit wouldn’t grind! It was me, Koston and McCrank…
I remember Tom Penny showing up as well, but only for a couple days, but his ankle was messed up at the time.

5. So, you seem to constantly be back and forth between the states and Brazil, how long are you in Brazil for now?
I try to stay busy for a few months so that I can feel like I earned some Brazil time LOL…I come back at least 3 times a year to take care of shit…

10 Years With Rodrigo TX

6. You had surgery a couple of months ago, but it wasn’t what you expected, can you give us some details of exactly what happened?
Man, I have had a kind of a bad knee for the past 3 years I think. Basically, I had a A.C.L surgery in 2002 and everything went good, I skated for about four or five years with no problem, but the past three years I have been doing therapy for 3 months at a time so that I could skate for 3 months at a time at the least. So, I did that for the past three years and it got to the point where I could not take the pain or bend my knee.

I got my knee checked and they told me I had to do a cleaning surgery they called it “toilet surgery” to shave all of my cartilage and remove the pieces that where floating around. I went to have my knee fixed and while I was knocked out and while they where doing the surgery, they thought it was better if they did “micro fracture” that way it will stimulate my cartilage on growing again, it’s been two months and I still got another two months of physical therapy everyday! I can’t wait to get back skateboarding!!!!!

7. And how does it feel with recovery?
Its been good, sometimes it gets kind of boring doing the same thing everyday over and over, but hey you got to pay to play!!!

8. You just had a solid 2-song ender in Give Me My Money Chico, can you tell us how filming the video was?
Man, it was dope! The crew is dope, the trips where dope, Anthony, the filmer, really helped as well, he’s really good at taking you to spots that he knows we can do something cool at! We went to all dope countries, but we also managed to get shit done. I just wish I had a bit more of time to finish my part, but there will be another one, I hope…LOL

10 Years With Rodrigo TX
9. Recently you just went to Austin with the entire éS team to shoot photos for the Spring 2011 catalog, how was that?

It was cool to hang out with team again and meet the new guys, we took some photos for the catalog, checked some new gear which I’m hyped on, and I think that skaters will be into as well, I just wish I was skating, I’m kind tired of watching.

10. Do you have anything to finish with in this interview?

Thanks to all the Skateboarders!!!!!!

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