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Brian Jones

SKATELINE on Ride Channel

17 September 2012, 21.16 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Fucking thank god for homies passing links off. A couple of weeks ago I got passed a link for SKATELINE on YouTube’s RideChannel, AKA. Hawks channel. Some of you know that a few years ago I created a website called SkateboardRumors.com. I created that website because, holy shit was skateboarding boring at that time. All the news that came out in the magazines was super old and no one was really talking shit on shit that needed to be ripped apart. It pretty much created a firestorm of hate in the skate industry and the message board was on fire for a bit taking away a fair share of SLAP Forum fans because I didn’t moderate it. Fuck it, I didn’t have any advertisers, so I didn’t need to. There are rumors of Danny Way trying to kick my ass for some stupid shit and wait outside of my house for me, but it was all rumors! Fitting, right?! Friends in the industry always ask me to bring it back, because once again this shit is boring, who knows, maybe I will. But, god damn this is definitely the next best thing, no wait, it’s better. Thank you Metro Skateshop creating this weekly segment with Gary Rogers as host. If you haven’t seen this show yet, you’re welcome for your weekly entertainment. Keep it up, Gary and Metro. Enjoy and be sure to watch past episodes, although the news is old, it’s still funny as hell!

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