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Brian Jones

Rock The Bells 2013

06 September 2013, 17.57 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

I’ve been going to Rock the Bells for a few years now and this year is set to be the most epic yet. 20 year anniversary of Wu Tang with a hologram of O.D.B. Ummm…duh, hell yeah I’ll be there. Not to mention another Hologram of Eazy-E performing!? Damn, NWA and the 8-Ball Posse was one of my first albums next to Public Enemy and Too Short when I discovered music on my own on the late 80’s. The only thing I am calling bullshit on is that Eazy-E is going to perform with Bone Thugs and Harmony. I don’t think there is a way in hell the original NWA crew would let that happen without them being there as well, but we’ll see. At least it’s wishful thinking on my part. This weekend is going to be fucking epic and HOT as hell. But, at least all the girls will be wearing next to nothing there. Yeeeee. Make it to one of the shows if you can, the line-up is staked and a lot of the performers have new material that just came out. Check my column next week for the recap and pics if your not fortunate enough to make it.