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Brian Jones

Red Bull Triple Set Contest

24 October 2013, 16.36 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

There are these contests that pop-up once in a while that when you hear what the format is and you just go “what the fuck?!” I’ve been to the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego more than a few times, but it was all for party times and to check out all the hot ladies at the hotel pool on the roof-top. When I heard Red Bull was throwing their annual Triple Set Contest on the roof-top of the Hard Rock SD, I had to check it out. Not only to see some great skating by new and old, but to see how in the hell they would pull this off. When I arrived I was pretty hyped on the outcome, a perfect 3 flat 3 flat 3 triple-set with rails on each side and a hubba in the middle. It wasn’t your average contest setting, but that made it so much better to be able to pop bottles while you watch some rad skating going down and as you look over to the side you get to see some hot ladies in bikini’s. Where else could this happen? Anyway, the day consisted of some great skating by newer groms and older pro’s alike. Check the pics below for a brief recap or head over to Transworld Skateboarding where fellow Rad Collector columnist Blair Alley shot some photos and a video as well.

Red Bull Triple Set
It looks like Red Bull stepped it up a notch since the Monster Dime Squad came on the scene. My homie Orion (black shirt) doesn’t mind.

Red Bull Triple Set
Justin Williams was on the scene.

Red Bull Triple Set
Orion Bayo and Beth Lyden from Red Bull.

Where else can you go where you have VIP balcony’s to watch a skate contest?

Red Bull Triple Set
Chase Webb

Red Bull Triple Set
Ryan Sheckler with a Backside Smith.

Red Bull Triple Set
Alec Majerus won the contest with a constant arsenal of hammers.

Red Bull Triple Set
Shecks was the only one to hit the bump off the hubba all day and nailed this huge back side 360 on his third attempt.

To wrap it up, I hope they bring this contest back to the Hard Rock rooftop next year, it was perfect.

Red Bull Triple Set in SD

18 October 2013, 13.30 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

If you’re in the San Diego area this Saturday, be sure to roll over to the Hard Rock Hotel in the Gaslamp District to check out Red Bulls Triple Set contest featuring some pretty heavy hitters set to knock down some madness on the triple set, rail and ledge. Oh, did I mention this shits taking place on the roof of the hotel?! I have no idea how in the hell they’re pulling this one off, but it’s Red Bull, they build some pretty insane contraptions most wouldn’t think was possible. Watch out for boards below.

Take a peek at last years contest.
YouTube Preview Image

Here is the list of some of the top skateboarders that are invited to compete in this year’s competition.

Ryan Sheckler
Manny Santiago
Felipe Gustavo
Dave Bachinsky
Tommy Sandoval
Tony Tave
Jake Duncomb
Chris Troy
Miles Silvas
Chad Fernandez
Mikee Brown
Kechaud Johnson
Taylor Bray
Charlie Ortuno
Austen Lenehan
Brandon Turner
Chaz Ortiz

Red Bull Contest