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Brian Jones

Dennis McNett at Known Gallery Recap

18 November 2013, 20.26 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to roll up to L.A. to check out Brooklyn-based artist, Dennis McNett’s opening for his new show, “Temple of Wolfbat” at the Known Gallery in L.A. curated by good homie and hip-hop staple, Dante Ross. Like any night on Fairfax, the riff-raff was in full swing on the streets by the time I arrived for the show, but luckily we had early access, so we didn’t have to wait outside with everyone that was trying to make the social come-up in the streetwear world. Once inside I was pretty blown away at Dennis’ work. He uses a ton of different mixed-media to create his masterpieces. There was  a lot of wood carvings that looked like they would take days, if not weeks, to produce and large sculptures made out of chicken wire, paper-mache  with prints plastered all over them with detailed intricacy. The detailing of Dennis’ work is by far the most impressive to me. In the back room was a completely separate exhibit for Dennis that showcased all of the board graphics he recently did for Anti-Hero which was as equally impressive. Mixed media was used here as well where, Dennis carved out detailed images on rubber stamps in reverse for each graphic, then the stamps were used on paper before they were scanned and colored in for the final product.

Paper Mache and Chicken wire with print.

Wood Carving and Paint

Wood carving and paint

Paper mache and print. This thing was nuts, it had like a 6ft. wing span.

Wood carving and paint.

Wood carving and paint.

Wood Carving and paint.

Here’s a little sample of the Anti-Hero boards that Dennis created.

This thing was nuts. Paper mache and print. it was about 8ft. high.

No matter where I am in the world, I run into Braydon. One of the best dudes ever.

And as always when I am in Hell-A, a Darkroom ender with my good homie, Scotty Ill from The Hundreds.


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