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Brian Jones

Red Bull Culture Clash in L.A.

01 December 2010, 09.30 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Part of the benefits of being a part of this world we call skateboarding, is having opportunities to go some pretty kick ass events. Tomorrow night I will be headed out to L.A. to check out what Red Bull has brought to the states after much success across the pond in London. The Red Bull Music Academy Culture Clash will make its U.S. debut in Los Angeles on Thursday, December 2nd at Exchange LA. Four L.A. based, but internationally known and well-respected music collectives will participate and battle to be named winner by the crowd. The collectives will be Dim Mak, Dub Club, Smog and Stones Throw. With these 4 DJ crews battling, it’s going to be pretty intense. Peep the trailer and flyer for the event below and I will post a full re-cap this week once I recover from my hang-over that I know I will have on Friday. It’s kind of fucked up and funny to know that you already plan on being hung over the following day.