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Brian Jones

Pretty Sweet Premiere Re-Cap

19 November 2012, 15.37 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

On Friday night, me and my lady rolled up to L.A. to check out Girl/Chocolates new masterpiece, Pretty Sweet. After seeing all of the madness that went down for BAKER Skateboards release of Bake and Destroy, I made sure I arrived in L.A. early so I could avoid going through that same bullshit. With enough time to spare, I gave JWRAY a call to meet up since we had the opportunity to make a stop at Salman Agah’s ever-growing Pizza spot, Pizzanista. This might be a shameless plug, but I look forward to going there every time I am in L.A., it’s seriously the equivalent of an NYC slice and never disappoints.

Jeremy Wray and Salman Agah

Pretty Sweet Goodies

After a full belly of Pizzanista we rolled up to the Orpheum which was a short mile away. Just as expected, the line was wrapped around the corner with everyone super hyped to see what has been in the works for Pretty Sweet. First off, what a great spot for a premiere, the Orpheum is super fuckin’ dope. Old 1920’s architecture that was put under a full renovation in the late 80’s and still looks pristine today. As expected, every industry head in the world was there ready to get this film rolling.

What a great venue! The Orpheum is amazing!

Erica Yary killing it and hustling hard as usual.

VanStyles and Scotty.

Theotis and his homies!

TransWorld homies, Mike Fitz and fellow Rad Collector columnist, Blair Alley.

Herman, Reno, Don’t Know and Beagle.

After everyone was finally sat the whole Girl and Chocolate crew popped onto the stage for the opening dialog. Oddly and sadly enough, it wasn’t Spike, Carrol, or Howard leading the intro to the movie, they had Tyler from OFWGKTA lead everyone in the movie. Why? I have no idea. I’m a fan of all the OFWGKTA music and hi-jinx, but felt like they were trying to impress someone by having him up there, Tyler was even kind of weirded out about it which he stated on the mic. I could understand doing that if it was only young skate rats in the theater for the WOW factor, but it was all industry dudes that know OFWGKTA is a part of the industry in some way or another and has nothing to do with the brands other than friendly associations. It would have been more interesting to hear Spike or someone else from the Girl/Chocolate family tell us what went into this video since they have their blood, sweat and tears behind it, what ever that’s just my opinion.

333 Live in L.A. for the after party.

As expected the video came out hitting hard with the opening intro and then slid into Vincent Alverez’s part. FUCK, definitely one of my new favorites, I appreciate when skating doesn’t looks so “perfect” and his skating has a super raw feel to it. In my opinion, it should have been an ender, but I get it. As the video kept moving it was very apparent that this video was to propel the young bucks. Tershay, Perez, Berle, Kennedy, Fernandez all had super solid parts along with pro stand-outs MJ, Mike Mo, Malto, Anderson, Beibel, etc. I could go into what, where and how, but fuck, first off BUY the video and support skateboarding, DON’T YouTube it, and make your own distinctions. There were also plenty of comedic intros and and Hollywood effects WOW, along with Jack Black and Will Arnett comedic skits that kept the movie moving without any lull periods.

I will say that ending the flick was a shard part by Guy Mariano and Eric Koston that was awesome with Guy taking a big chuck of that part, but……..I heard plenty of rumblings at the premiere that who ever had last part was going to be the next Thrasher SOTY! If this really happens and Guy win’s it that will be pretty fucking wack in my opinion. I mean, I get it, I grew up in the same era as Guy and know that he is not only a rad fucking dude, but is, and has always been amazing, he was due. But, not this year or possibly ever. Just because you were due, next in line, to have a SOTY does not mean you deserve one. At least that is how I always looked at the prestige of SOTY until the Cole repeat in 2009. I mean fuck, GONZ never had one, he fucking totally deserved one. Busenitz was way more deserving than Silas in 2008 or Cole in 2009, etc. Justin “Figgy” Figueroa is HANDS DOWN the most deserving skateboarder for SOTY 2012. He fucking has passion, kills it, almost literally died filming his Bake and Destroy part, pushes skateboarding to the fullest everyday and is just a rad happy dude every time I see him. Figgy’s the perfect example of what a SOTY should be, pushing skateboarding, life and is not lazy. I’m pretty sick of seeing dudes live off of parts for years when there is plenty of dudes that would give their left nut for the notoriety and paycheck.

Ending the night was another “Try Too Hard” moment at a bourgie-ass night club in L.A. $9 beers $11 cocktails and Riff Raff, who to me is this generations Vanilla Ice, nuff said, I saw most of my friends, had a great time while I was in the night, but bailed early. I would like to thank the Girl and Chocolate families for a great night and amazing video, hopefully no one downloads a bootleg/free copy and buys it so skateboarders can actually keep doing what they love through skateboarding paychecks and not only through energy drink sponsors!

Again these are just my opinions, so chill out that I’m not being a sheep and following the approval herd. Have you ever heard of journalism and opinions?

Photos and Words by Jones