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Brian Deka Paupaw

BLK OPS Session Fort Greene Park

29 December 2009, 20.14 | Posted in Uncategorized | 15 comments »

Last week I didn’t want to believe that we were going to get hit with a least 10 – 12″ of the fresh stuff in Brooklyn. Between following weather channel and various bits of INTEL gathering from BLK OPS members, I just came to the conclusion that I need to sit back, chill, and let mother nature do her business, set a nice wide stance and wax the board of course! Sure enough we got hit with the good stuff and had a great session in Ft. Greene Park before we got shut down by the Park Police. A major disappointment, but at least we got to teach a few kids from Ft. Greene Projects how to Snowboard. I can’t wait to get The Hoods to Woods Foundation going next month at Mt. Creek, New Jersey.


And you know I got the Hood tuning station in the crib! no work horse needed. Just turn two TV Dinner tables upside down sun. BAM! (cue in MacGuyver theme song)


So Many times I had high hopes of Snowboarding in Brooklyn and we always seem to miss out on a good low pressure system. And if you’re one of those riders in the city without a quiver of boards, you most likely will not even think about riding in the streets unless there is a foot or better. What started out as a mere crop dusting Saturday night turned into this the next morning…



So without any hesitation, I sent out massive INTEL blast to BLK OPS crew to meet up at Ft. Greene Park 1100HRS to session! Started my trek down to Utica Avenue subway station. And when I walk down Malcom X BLVD in Bed-Stuy with a Snowboard under my arm it’s the greatest feeling in the world. From the nods, the questions and remarks like:

“Sun, that’s a Snowboard?!”

“yooooo you on that white boy shyt!”

“Yo? you fuck with THAT my man?!”

“Is that a Ski board?”

and my favorite “Can you teach me how to do that?!” And ladies and gents,  This is how I start my recruitment on the streets of Brooklyn LOL. Made down to the Subway to catch the C Train.


Soon as I got to the Park I spotted the homie Mike Cohen from Shut and his dog Max


Props to Shon for taking the dope shots and shredding with us. Shon is a SYCK street biker and now Snowboarder. peep his page


moments later more BLK OPS crew showed up. And one rider just happened to have a Bungee Banshee with him! and I’ve been waiting to try the product before I went out and copped one myself. We figured the best approach was to anchor the bungee cord to a tree on the approach to the kicker.


Big shout out to John for standing up to the park police!


BLK OPS and ODB are for the kids!


Khalid getting a nice ollie off the kicker. Check out Khalid’s new iphone app Snocell and download it!


Nothing like doing a Method with NYC as your back drop.


John was getting crazy air time!


Snowboarding Lebanon

23 December 2009, 00.09 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

I’ve always been thinking about hitting up the middle east for first descents with BLK OPS crew. First thing folks say is “Yo Deka are YOU crazy?!” Snowboarders Jarad Hadi, Nick Dirks, Louif Paradis, Java Fernandez trekked over to the middle east to get in some mountain time. During their visit, they had a run in with Hezbollah… Check out the video

Peep The video on Transworld Snowboarding



First snowfall for NYC

19 December 2009, 22.10 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

I’m really stoked for the first snowfall in NYC. Forecast is calling for a foot of fresh in the Tri-State area.

NYC Storm

It’s starting to build up on the block. Nothing major just little traces. Hopefully by Midnight it gets filled in. here is a pic I shot on my block in Bed-Stuy.


But in Keeping the spirit of everything snow, added some of my favorite Hip Hop videos with snow in them

YouTube Preview Image

Pharoahe Monch and Prince Po run around some good pow in this one

YouTube Preview Image

Naughy by Nature goes from a blazing summer day to shredding on the slopes. I wonder who the riders are in this video?

Snowbird, Utah

17 December 2009, 10.05 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 comments »

Just got back in from shredding Snowbird, Utah. Feels good getting in a good week of Snowboarding out west with the peeps. I got a invite to show my film Hoods to Woods at The National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS) Next Generation Early season warm up. The NBS has been around since 1974 and it’s mission is to build Olympic caliber Skiers and promote recreational winter sports as well. But one thing I can say for sure is that being around 500 plus brothers and sisters on one mountain is something I never experienced lol It was like I never left Bed-Stuy! Every night was a happy hour and after party popping off! oh yeah NBS knows how to get it in!



NBS after party at Snowbird center

I linked up with my boy Phil from BLK OPS who just moved out to the SLC area. We got up for some shredding with a wild bunch of locals and hit up the Canyon Inn for Marc Frank Montoya’s weekly DJ set. I even ran into mashca from Shredunion


You know how it goes, lot’s of beer and beats, party ends at 2:00am out there so we slid back to Snowbird to party in some dudes hotel room. I get there and it’s mad PBR all over the damn place lol. I chugg a few beers back with Phil and his crew and talk New York Hip Hop while Travis Rice “That’s it, That’s all” is playing in the background. More beers go down, Next thing I know, I’m crashed out on the couch and Phil’s boy John kept asking me about my Laurus face wrap and even offered me money for it. I was drunk and half sleep. I crash and wake up to this PBR beer can  tower up to the ceiling LMAO CLASSIC




on top of the Beer tower, heads were sleeping under the table, the floor. It was insane. I had a little hangover but Phil and I left and headed to go ride and link up with Soulboarders from NBS. We were rolling DEEP! and I got to ride my Humanity Republique on snow, last time my first turns were at Liberty Snowflex in Virginia


Can’t wait to hit the next NBS summit. props to all the riders! and MAD props to Stephanie Lampkin for bringing “Hoods to Woods” to the NBS!

Let the shred begin!

04 December 2009, 01.39 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Knowing that I’m bouncing from Brooklyn this weekend to get some much needed shred time is a great feeling. All the last minute scrambling to make sure you got your gear packed away properly, to even posting your itinerary on the refrigerator, so you don’t show up to the airport at the wrong time. Yeah, don’t front fam, we’ve all been there lol. Just the excitement of getting closer to shredding makes you forget basic shyt. I’m saying though! So here’s a checklist to go over before you  hit the Airport sun.

  • Double check that Itinerary.
  • Pack the Board, bindings, boots first. Some of you take forever matching outfits and shyt
  • Make sure you DON’T put your life in board bag. Underwear and laptops are mos def carry on. And bags can get lost for sure. better to be vexed with clean draws on sun!
  • Get there EARLY. it’s fun to people watch for 3 hrs. get loaded at the bar!
  • And the infamous “SCREWS” to the bindings. Pack that first too! don’t be assed out somewhere and there is no hardware for your bindings and you will ride that crappy rental!

So I hope this helps a bit because I left my gear at the Liberty Snowflex Virginia, way back in August. But luckily my dude Matt lindy of Humanity Snowboards picked up my gear, and now I gotta head south to Pennsylvania tomorrow to get it! Stay tuned. next stop is Utah!

YouTube Preview Image

One of my favorite travel films. If you haven’t seen this please do!

Hello world!

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