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Avalanche Awareness

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ski avalanche safety

It’s a Blue Bird day after a huge five day storm, you and your buds got one last day to go ride before you have to pack it up and fly back home. A beautiful picturesque landscape of fresh pow sitting on the mountains look so good from the ski area. You flash back to the videos of watching Jeremy Jones ripping down a face with Rooster tails spraying with every turn he makes. You are Stoked, this is the day you’ve been waiting for after so many years of Snowboarding, and finally you get to ride some real powder. So you and your crew head out out of bounds to get first tracks. Got to get it in before you head back home right? WRONG! It’s not that simple! This same scenario plays it self out so many times and I cannot stress how important it is to put safety first as a Snowboarder. All the films we watch of our favorite Riders hitting the Back Country don’t show the hours, days, and weeks of preparation before heading out to ride out of bounds.

I took a level 200 Avalanche awareness course at Mt. Baker few years back and it changed my life. The best line of defense is knowledge. Don’t become a victim of the Blue Bird Syndrome. Teton gravity and BCA has a FREE video education series for you. Remember this is just a intro. Please look into taking a class at your nearest learning center. has listings. Be safe out there and Spread the word!

Teton Gravity and BCA Avi Education series

Watch this video of a actual Burial and Rescue.This my friends is a miracle. Some people aren’t so fortunate to get saved so quick…

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