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Hoods to Woods Foundation (Day 1)

26 January 2010, 20.51 | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 comments »

January 23rd is a day that I will always remember. For many years I’ve always wanted to bring Snowboarding to the youth in Bed-Stuy. With a lot of support from Burton Chill Foundation, Mountain Creek and inspiring words from Steve Larosilere of Stoked Mentoring, I set out on my mission to make this idea become a reality. I have to admit that being able to ride and travel, we sometimes take all this for granted. Not everyone is fortunate enough to Snowboard. Let’s be real, gear, Snowboards and lift tickets aren’t cheap. this alone singles out of lot of people that would love to get on the hill and give it a shot. As much as I love Snowboarding, I think it’s time that we introduce some new blood into this industry. The progression in riding and innovations in board design are only a small part of what makes Snowboarding so special. The biggest part of Snowboarding are the people. We make up this community and inspire each other to ride and take it to the next level. I want to give major props to Hoods to Woods Foundation volunteers Omar Diaz and Lauren Smith

“Mr. Brian, do I need to take off my Du-Rag?” “No, be yourself. We are here to Snowboard. It’s cool to have Brooklyn swag on the mountain”






  1. Timbo:

    OPS!!! Deka you are changing the game!

  2. brianpaupaw:

    hey Snowboarding industry needs some new blood! we got to start somewhere! I know what it’s like not to have any role models or support. I refuse to sit back and do nothing for my hood.

  3. Yeah Deka,

    Keep on focusing on your vision and you will see it. I remember when I was the only Black kid Skateboarding and snowboarding in the hood and now things have changed. We have come a long way from fighting skinheads and being heckled by the homies on the block. Continue to bring new things to our communities homie and you already know we support you.


    Shimy Balboa

  4. DJ PSI:


  5. Thank you Deka for the shout. I’m really happy and proud to know you! Keep it up! You’re inspiring all of us!

  6. de veaux:

    there is nothing like constructive activities to keep the youth growing in a positive and productive direction! keep on!

  7. Congratulations!
    You\’re really Amazing!
    You are doing so much good for these kids i have no doubt it\’s going to influence there lives in such a positive way! I wish my niece and nephews lived closer so you could expose them to the sport.

    Keep doing Great things!


  8. Hey dude, we met the other night in Ft. Greene park, my binding came off my board when I was doing a backflip. This ‘hoods to woods’ program is truly inspirational and I really admire what you are bringing to the world of snowboarding. It was a pleasure to meet you and please, if you need any help with anything in regards to snowboarding get in touch. It would be my honor to help you out and I would love every minute of it!


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