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Brian Deka Paupaw

When Skiers attack… they usually #FAIL

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I wish I had a camera for every incident I had with Skiers. Props to family tree for the video.

Music to Shred to: Duo Live – Fully Aware (w/ Public Enemy & Kool Herc)

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This is some ::BLK OPS:: type shyt right here. Roll with us or get rolled on! BROOKLYN. Props to the ICU and The homies in Bed-Stuy Duo Live

T-Shirts, Sun, Snowboarding & Beer

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First time I ever rode in a T-Shirt on the east coast! What a great weekend riding and kicking it with the homies. Khalid of Snocell hit me up like “yo man we need to hit up Stratton for the Burton US Open!”. I was in the middle of a project but grabbed the laptop and took the work with me. My days started with Shredding, work and back to the shred! Then Saturday we hit up The Chill Foundation Pizza party and Kelly Clark came through after sending it in the Women’s half pipe getting first place. Later on we linked up with Mason Aguirre of Frends crew. I got to say Mason is funny as hell! had me rolling up at Dean Blotto and Cole Barash’s photography show at the Simpson Barn House. props to Khalid, Timbo, Craig, Mike, Andrew, Busta, Adam and the Burton crew.

and of course had to do some hand held filming on a tree run!



Supporting Chill Foundation and copping some raffle tickets


The Homie Mason Mason Aguirre


Kelly Clark showing some love at the Chill Foundation Pizza party


Blotto and Cole had a real dope photography show. Those flics on display made me want to ride even harder!


Khalid and Craig chilling at the top of the Super pipe during finals.


MAJOR PROPS to Matt  for making this custom Mets helmet in memory of his cousin.I rarely see things on the mountain that blow me away. I love the Yankees and I’m going to holla at Matt for a custom for next season!


And I got to still ride for Kevin. We can’t wait for you to come back!


Music to Shred to: Joel Ortiz – Nissan Honda Chevy

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Yep Brooklyn going hard. Joel Ortiz is steading dropping joints. Jim Jones drops on this joint too. GET FAMILIAR!!!

Sadat X featuring Pete Rock “Turn it Up” Offical video

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Notourious B.I.G tribute Freestyle

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much props to Nick Javas from Year Round Records for dropping one of the dopest tributes I heard this year paying homage to our lost Brooklyn Brother Christopher Wallace. Last Tuesday I hit up the Lab in Bed-Stuy for the B.I.G Tribute. It was packed wall to wall with the WHOLE hood! Felt good to have a B.I.G tribute party in Bed-Stuy not some upscale joint in the city!

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Corey Haim RIP

10 March 2010, 18.23 | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 comments »
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Corey Haim. Rest in Peace kid!