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“AYO MY MAN CHILL” A Snowboard/ Skateboard Art Show to benefit The CHILL Foundation

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AyoMyMan4x6-PRESS final

live painting and raffle bags! Curated by the Homie Giovanni Garriga

Established in 1995 by Burton Snowboards founders Jake Burton and wife, Donna Carpenter, The Chill Foundation is a not for profit organization which utilizes snowboarding as a vehicle to provide life and character development skills to underserved youth. Operating in 14 cities in North America as well as cities in Austria, Australia and Italy, we work to change the lives of thousands of youth every year. please support the cause!

Chill will be taking donations of Snowboard gear as well so spread love the Brooklyn way!

Fresthetic 560 Grand St Brooklyn, New York
for more information on chill please check out

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