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Brian Deka Paupaw

Music to Shred to: Jack of Spades – Boogie Down Productions

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Serious tune right here. KRS is one of those Emcees that spits straight HEAT. This track is on that ROLLING DEEP IN TIMES SQUARE 88′ it’s a Throwback and still dope as shyt!

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Music to Shred to: New Wu – Raekwon Feat Ghostface Killah & Method Man

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Music to Shred to: Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed – Blaq Poet

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Queensbridge to Compton. you already know SALUTE! Props to Primo on the track.

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Blue & Cream BBQ Jump off in Flatbush

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props to my man William Ellis for putting it down every summer in Brooklyn. We go way back to Junior high school in Bed-Stuy art class and lunchroom antics. Last night was the annual BBQ at his crib in Flatbush. Good tunes, people and food! Had a blast and get bent lol. Props to Mike Oasis for getting my ass home safe, As you see on the way home, I was REALLY on one hahahhaa. Props to Alvin, Then I hit the block and Sadat X and Killa, Slice and everyone was chillin on the stoop and I ended sippin more Henny… Officially DONE lol. Check for Will at Habana Outpost  on Fulton street every Saturday. he rocks the turntables all afternoon. Check for him and tell him Deka from Radcollector sent you.

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Music to Shred to – The Black Mix Tape – Columbo Black

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More heat from the homies out in Compton. Columbo Black is straight heat. Do yourself a favor and download the free mixtape

Hoods to Woods X Flat Fitty & Trevor Andrew in Bed-Stuy

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What’s good people?! Seems like summer in NYC is starting to pop off in a major way. We just finished a shoot for the Hoods to Woods X Flat Fitty limited edition hat colaboration. It happens that one of our H2W kids; Miquan, is a dope visual artist and wanted to make hats and T-Shirts. After all the kids agreed that making a cap would be a great way to raise money for Hoods to Woods Snowboarding and outdoor programs. We contacted Flat Fitty because of the great things we heard about the amount of detail and customer service that they  put into your product. Already I feel like we are on some super major heavy duty production with the caps! So we all got together and linked up at Bread-Stuy coffee shop in our hood to come up with Color ways and concepts. After that, we linked up with the homie Trevor Andrew and kicked in the hood. Trevor always showed love from day one and dude kicks it in BK real hard. Stay tuned for the release of these SUPER limited edition Hoods to Woods caps! Make sure you follow us on twitter for the official release date for the hats! Make sure to download Trevor’s Trouble Gang mix tape and be on the look out for the “Wasted” video with lil John YYYYYYYYEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

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Prohibit NYC Presents Jackson Brown

12 June 2010, 01.54 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Thanks to everyone that came out last week. Yeah I’m late with the event photos but been on the run working on new projects lately. Got some cool shyt coming your way this year! But overall we had a great turn out and the art was really fresh! Check out the images and stay tuned for a Deka and Jackson Brown art show in the future. Props to my man Jackson Brown, Tim, Trevor Andrew, Wendy, Mecca and everyone at prohibit NYC.

Spike Lee Absolut Brooklyn

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Last night at Powerhouse arena in DUMBO was one of those official Brooklyn jump offs! Open bar, DJ Spinna killing it as usual, friends and good times. Smif and Wessun came through with Buckshot and the homie Mike. Had to rush the bar with John Walder and get that drink on! Still recouping from last night. enjoy the pics!

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Music to Shred to: Feel my Pain – AZ

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Right about now I’m having a moment watching this video. I’m talking about real New York Certified shyt. Every once in a while I just feel so Brooklyn and have to contain my feelings and emotions and try not to have a chip on my shoulder about the current state of hip hop, my hood and my life. The choices we make in life puts us on whatever path we have to take. I chose to travel and look for spots to shred. And no matter how many runs I take, the fun and good times I can’t forget my hood sun. This track has Brooklyn all over it. I just found my theme song to shred too. Hopefully I’ll be rocking this in Chile this summer, If not the block is just good enough! MAJOR shout to AZ for staying true to his craft. Right about now I want a good cigar and a bottle of Maccallan 18!

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Music to Shred to: Fluid – Supanova Slom

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Supanova Slom is a real certified dude in the hood. My Brooklyn fam is on a mission to unify the streets and get more people to stay healthy. Super even dropped a Supa Green Mega Greens product along with a book “The Remedy” giving you healthy recipes and ways to properly fast. I got to get down with the program being that I need all the energy to shred these days. Super Nova also blessed me with a track on my film Hoods to Woods that’s really dope! Good to see some dimes up in the kitchen cutting up Tofu instead of kilos! lol I’m SAYING can I come over for dinner if it’s poppin like that Slom?! props Gano Grills and to Stacy Muhammad on the visuals.

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