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Music to Shred to: Ghetto Blaster – Brant Bjiork

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Thanks to my man Danny for putting me on to this. If you’re in Brooklyn and need a shave or cut step over to The Stepping Razor. Will be bumping this to and after the beach mayne!

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Really dope Stop motion Surf animation!

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You got to love the effort that goes into stop motion animation. I’ve only been surfing for two years and I can truly appreciate this piece.

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Internets Celebrities Presents: Stadium Status

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Billions of our tax dollars go into building sports arenas and they NEVER come back to us. Meanwhile outside the walls of these brand new stadiums in NYC are communities NONE of the revenue comes back to the hood. Props to Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam for putting this documentary together.

Internets Celebrities are Dallas Penn, Rafi Kam and director Casimir Nozkowski
Featuring Neil deMause and Killian Jordan
Additional Cinematography – Ian Savage
Original Music – Bless-1

Prohibit NYC = Jackson Brown Presents: Black Picasso

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Long time friend Jackson Brown is showing some of his latest work at Prohibit NYC this Friday. If you’re downtown stop by and enjoy the visuals and dive in on the Medea Vodka open bar.


Prohibit NYC is located at 152 Allen St. between Rivington & Stanton Streets.

Music to Shred to: Darren Harper – On to the Next Spot

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Music from the upcoming Mix Tape “Skateboards and Choppas” Darren Harper, DGK team rider reppin D.C. hard body

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and here’s some clips of Darren shreddin in the hood.

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