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Brian Deka Paupaw

Style Wars screening & film restoration fundrasier

31 August 2010, 18.42 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 comment »

Next week Thursday September 9th at BAM Rose Cinemas Q&A after the 6:50p screening with Henry Chalfant, and followed by a reception with DJ Kay Slay. Some dope T-Shirts will be for sale to help raise funds to restore the original Style Wars film stock. This restoration will bring out the original colors on those whole cars and top to bottoms you love so much.

Style Wars

Harold Hunter Foundation at Shut NYC

30 August 2010, 18.20 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

This has been the best summer I’ve had in years. And all I did was understand that when you help others, your life will improve. From the moment I stepped on the mountain with a group of teens from my hood, so many positive events has manifested itself in so many things. Harold Hunter Foundation has been working hard to send Teens to skate camps and stay involved locally with free skate clinics. Last Week we all drove down to Camp Woodward two vans deep with a group of excited teens ready to get their shred on. After driving for 4 hours through a monsoon we arrived to Woodward with clear skies. I was blown away by the facilities and declared I was in the Willy Wonka Skate factory lol I actually didn’t want to come back to Brooklyn! A week later and everyone came back to NYC with stories to tell about their Woodward experience. I want to thank everyone for supporting the cause!

Why I need to get a GoPro camera

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B.M.F. Remix Feat. Samson Styles

26 August 2010, 18.56 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Listen up little homies. I got love for Rick Ross and respect his hustle. Some of us have a way with words and can put it down over some beats and make it sound good. A lot of rap is just that, entertainment. Not real, not meant for you to go and follow. Some of us have opportunities and choices to pursue our dreams, and some of us don’t and become products of our environment. Big Meech and Larry Hoover are products of their environments and now they sit behind bars. Meech 30 years, Larry for life. And I highly doubt they enjoy where they are right now.

The homie Sampson Styles has put out a remix that keeps it straight up and truthful. Jail is not the place to be. We got to stop glorifying and get back to finishing the story. If we are going to talk about the streets lets talk about it full circle. Please pass this video around and lets save the babies. salute

YouTube Preview Image

Congratulations Melquan!

18 August 2010, 19.23 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

This weekend I’ll be going down to Camp Woodward with the Harold Hunter Foundation. 17 lucky scholarship recipients will attend Woodward for a week of skate camp. How SYCK is that?! I’ve never attended Woodward but I know people who have and said it was a moment in life they will never forget. So the other day Melquan stopped by and I went through the quiver and saw that I had a Shawn White pro model 147 and it was his size, so he left with the Snowboard and was STOKED for the winter. Feels so good to make a difference in my hood. Now it’s time to do the same for hundreds of kids in NYC. Along with Stoked Mentoring, Shred Love, Burton Chill Foundation, we are all on a mission to bring Snowboarding to a lot of kids who deserve a chance to try something new. Man I LOVE the life I have.


Music to Shred to: Galaxies – Mountain Brothers

17 August 2010, 02.21 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

I remember I saw Mountain Brothers perform way back in the day. Yeah I’m late, but this track right here just made the shred playlist for season 2010 – 2011.

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Public Enemy & Blitz the Ambassador @ Central Park Summer Stage

16 August 2010, 23.01 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Public Enemy gave a free show last weekend and the rain didn’t stop fans from coming out to enjoy the show.

YouTube Preview Image

Music to Shred to: Insufficient Fare – Cerebral Ballzy

16 August 2010, 21.45 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Shred to this tune right here. Cerebral Ballzy if official. Trevor Andrew put me on to these dudes and the track and the video is really dope. Can’t wait to see these guys perform live.

YouTube Preview Image

Music to Shred to: Fight the Power – Public Enemy

13 August 2010, 18.43 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

My heroes will be performing this Sunday at Central Park Summer stage along with my homie Blitz The Ambassador. This video was filmed in my hood. I’m still mad I missed it because I couldn’t get a hair cut that day. And I didn’t want to show up a rugged Flat Top SMH. Not a good move because I missed out on a march to the Brooklyn Bridge that day. I love my hood and I can’t wait to bring a rail jam with this theme in the background. This video gets me charged when I watch it. When it comes on the iipod on the mountain I just loose it. See you all Sunday in the park!

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The RZA Vs Kolohe Andino for Nike 6.0

13 August 2010, 01.20 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

RZA scoring to some Kolohe Andino surfy footy.


But I would like to hear something like to this to Andino’s run. BONG BONG

YouTube Preview Image