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B.M.F. Remix Feat. Samson Styles

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Listen up little homies. I got love for Rick Ross and respect his hustle. Some of us have a way with words and can put it down over some beats and make it sound good. A lot of rap is just that, entertainment. Not real, not meant for you to go and follow. Some of us have opportunities and choices to pursue our dreams, and some of us don’t and become products of our environment. Big Meech and Larry Hoover are products of their environments and now they sit behind bars. Meech 30 years, Larry for life. And I highly doubt they enjoy where they are right now.

The homie Sampson Styles has put out a remix that keeps it straight up and truthful. Jail is not the place to be. We got to stop glorifying and get back to finishing the story. If we are going to talk about the streets lets talk about it full circle. Please pass this video around and lets save the babies. salute

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