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Brian Deka Paupaw

Music to Shred to: DA CIRCLE 4 profits – ft ILL BILL & MATH HOFFA

30 November 2010, 00.21 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

Oh yeah, this one is a BEAST. Math Hoffa and Ill Bill… SOLAR HEAT!!! Thank me later!

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M.A.S Report (Multicultural’s in Action Sports)

29 November 2010, 18.34 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

The homie Juan Alberto DelaRoca put together the M.A.S report (Multicultural’s in Action Sports). The report is a fresh look at the urban multicultural market. M.A.S is the first ever position piece compiled on multicultural engagement in action sports. Featured in the trailer are Bob Holme, Youth Marketing Director at Winter Park Ski Resort, Gaby Hernandez, Latina SOS Outreach Graduate, Juan Alberto Delaroca, Founder of Equipo Roca, and Marcus Jiménez, Partner & Creative Principal of Huemanitas.I feel very honored to be a part of the MAS report. ,Check it out!


Music to Shred to: Wylin’ cause I’m young – Kid Cudi (feat. Kayne West)

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On the real, this track is HARD I think I might wild out to this in the terrain park. I mean LOOSE it!

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Skating in Afghanistan

16 November 2010, 19.47 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

“Skateistan: To Live And Skate Kabul” is a film that shows a group of young shredders in Afghanistan. Skateistan is a charity project which ended up being the world’s first co-educational skateboarding school for girls and boys between the ages of 5 and 17. The video is very inspiring you got to check it out.


Seek • Shred • Pow

14 November 2010, 18.48 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 comment »

Land, Sea and Street divisions stand up! It’s about to be on and poppington! Get the quiver out of storage and lets hit Mt Snow next weekend. SALUTE!


Wise Guys!

13 November 2010, 18.44 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

skating through the hood last night, stopped at the local liquor store and ran into Gianni Russo! A real stand up NYC dude having a starting role in “The God Father”. Gianni was promoting his Wine company I have to say that the Pinot Grigio is official!


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Music to Shred to: Veteran – L.I.F.E. Long

12 November 2010, 00.31 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

new track and video from my homie L.I.F.E Long all the way reppin Queens and Brooklyn to the fullest. This is the guy that made me start free styling off the top of the dome back in the day. We devastated many emcees on 6th avenue in the west village lol ask around and heads will let you know.

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Liberty Snowflex

08 November 2010, 21.56 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 comment »

Last weekend myself and BLK OPS homie Anthony Toribio headed down to Liberty Snowflex in Lynchburg Virginia last weekend for some early season shred warm up. Got to catch up with the homies Casey Reed and Drew Sherwood to discuss next years one week freestyle summer camp for Hoods to Woods Foundation summer 2011. That’s going to be great to get the advance riders on the dry slope and trampoline building air awareness to help them progress.

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Music to Shred to: Paid in Full – Eric B & Rakim

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Thinking of a master plan, cause ain’t nothing but a Snowboard inside my hand…

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Music to Shred to: Mava – Augustus Pablo

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Haffi play nuff chunes fi shred seen? babylon Ski Patrol Naa mek mi vex, mon! REMOVE YAH!!!

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