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Brian Deka Paupaw

Brasil Summerfest kicks off in NYC

29 July 2012, 00.41 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 comment »

Every year I look forward to Brasil Summer festival in NYC. Ever since my trip to Sao Paulo last year, I’ve been on a mission to learn Portuguese and explore the amazing catalog of music Brazilian artist have been putting out. Being in Sao Paulo I had the opportunity to get to see Criolo perform at the Batique music festival along with Q-Tip. Criolo’s energy got the crowd hype in Sao Paulo and I knew right there this guy was the truth. So Last week, I came backstage and Criolo saw my Coritiains jersey; Criolo got excited and got his logo towel and we had to take a flic together! Another dope artist that day was Flavio Renegado. I’ve been peeping his music for the past couple of months and dude goes in! His stage show was live and got the crowd hype. One of my favorites tracks on his album is “Minha Tribo e o mundo” Then to top the night off Bebel Gilberto performed and as usual her presence and performance was amazing as you can see in the photo


s :)

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image





and of course I can’t end this post without some Corinthians! VAI CORINTHIANS!!!

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Snowmotion in Brooklyn is now Open

27 July 2012, 07.00 | Posted in Uncategorized | No comments »

What up peeps?! hmmm let’s see it’s summer and everyone is in beach mode for sure. August is around the corner and your snowboard gear is still stashed away. Then BAM! snowboard catalogs are popping up and new gear is showing up in the shop. Now is the time you start thinking about all the things you wanted to get dialed in for the new season, like that backside 540. Then you start thinking rails, and how your gonna do that front board slide on the double kink rail…. Then you realize you never did it or attempted and never stomped any thing last winter LOL Well you’re in luck because we now have a indoor snowsports training facility in BROOKLYN. I dropped by Snowmotion last year and tried out the rail set up and practiced my rotations on the trampoline. few weeks later I hit the hill and starting dialing in my rotations and it was a major improvement. If you want to hit up snowmotion you’ll have to pre register so sessions are a nice size and you have two hours to hit both features without waiting for ever. Mention RADCOLLECTOR for the hook up to make sure you’re session is locked in. Peep the photos below!