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Snowbird, Utah

17 December 2009, 10.05 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 comments »

Just got back in from shredding Snowbird, Utah. Feels good getting in a good week of Snowboarding out west with the peeps. I got a invite to show my film Hoods to Woods at The National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS) Next Generation Early season warm up. The NBS has been around since 1974 and it’s mission is to build Olympic caliber Skiers and promote recreational winter sports as well. But one thing I can say for sure is that being around 500 plus brothers and sisters on one mountain is something I never experienced lol It was like I never left Bed-Stuy! Every night was a happy hour and after party popping off! oh yeah NBS knows how to get it in!



NBS after party at Snowbird center

I linked up with my boy Phil from BLK OPS who just moved out to the SLC area. We got up for some shredding with a wild bunch of locals and hit up the Canyon Inn for Marc Frank Montoya’s weekly DJ set. I even ran into mashca from Shredunion


You know how it goes, lot’s of beer and beats, party ends at 2:00am out there so we slid back to Snowbird to party in some dudes hotel room. I get there and it’s mad PBR all over the damn place lol. I chugg a few beers back with Phil and his crew and talk New York Hip Hop while Travis Rice “That’s it, That’s all” is playing in the background. More beers go down, Next thing I know, I’m crashed out on the couch and Phil’s boy John kept asking me about my Laurus face wrap and even offered me money for it. I was drunk and half sleep. I crash and wake up to this PBR beer can  tower up to the ceiling LMAO CLASSIC




on top of the Beer tower, heads were sleeping under the table, the floor. It was insane. I had a little hangover but Phil and I left and headed to go ride and link up with Soulboarders from NBS. We were rolling DEEP! and I got to ride my Humanity Republique on snow, last time my first turns were at Liberty Snowflex in Virginia


Can’t wait to hit the next NBS summit. props to all the riders! and MAD props to Stephanie Lampkin for bringing “Hoods to Woods” to the NBS!