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BLK OPS Session Fort Greene Park

29 December 2009, 20.14 | Posted in Uncategorized | 15 comments »

Last week I didn’t want to believe that we were going to get hit with a least 10 – 12″ of the fresh stuff in Brooklyn. Between following weather channel and various bits of INTEL gathering from BLK OPS members, I just came to the conclusion that I need to sit back, chill, and let mother nature do her business, set a nice wide stance and wax the board of course! Sure enough we got hit with the good stuff and had a great session in Ft. Greene Park before we got shut down by the Park Police. A major disappointment, but at least we got to teach a few kids from Ft. Greene Projects how to Snowboard. I can’t wait to get The Hoods to Woods Foundation going next month at Mt. Creek, New Jersey.


And you know I got the Hood tuning station in the crib! no work horse needed. Just turn two TV Dinner tables upside down sun. BAM! (cue in MacGuyver theme song)


So Many times I had high hopes of Snowboarding in Brooklyn and we always seem to miss out on a good low pressure system. And if you’re one of those riders in the city without a quiver of boards, you most likely will not even think about riding in the streets unless there is a foot or better. What started out as a mere crop dusting Saturday night turned into this the next morning…



So without any hesitation, I sent out massive INTEL blast to BLK OPS crew to meet up at Ft. Greene Park 1100HRS to session! Started my trek down to Utica Avenue subway station. And when I walk down Malcom X BLVD in Bed-Stuy with a Snowboard under my arm it’s the greatest feeling in the world. From the nods, the questions and remarks like:

“Sun, that’s a Snowboard?!”

“yooooo you on that white boy shyt!”

“Yo? you fuck with THAT my man?!”

“Is that a Ski board?”

and my favorite “Can you teach me how to do that?!” And ladies and gents,  This is how I start my recruitment on the streets of Brooklyn LOL. Made down to the Subway to catch the C Train.


Soon as I got to the Park I spotted the homie Mike Cohen from Shut and his dog Max


Props to Shon for taking the dope shots and shredding with us. Shon is a SYCK street biker and now Snowboarder. peep his page


moments later more BLK OPS crew showed up. And one rider just happened to have a Bungee Banshee with him! and I’ve been waiting to try the product before I went out and copped one myself. We figured the best approach was to anchor the bungee cord to a tree on the approach to the kicker.


Big shout out to John for standing up to the park police!


BLK OPS and ODB are for the kids!


Khalid getting a nice ollie off the kicker. Check out Khalid’s new iphone app Snocell and download it!


Nothing like doing a Method with NYC as your back drop.


John was getting crazy air time!