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gone live-ish…

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cross logooso, the CPDC has gone “live”, not much else to say… there will be content up there… i hope it to be sooner rather than later, but when you are a pro at not getting much done, well then my friends, we will just have to wait and see., tell your friends, and more importantly, your girl friends.

dear hip hop:

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dear hip hop,
please go back in this direction, thanks.


( this is a fucking amazing video. “you, bark like a dawwg” ahhaha, fucking unreal. )

the truth:

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so as you can see, we ( this should include you and everyone you know ) LOVE the new IS Design tee. Dave & Karl up there are about to get hit with some in depth questions here real soon, give you guys a sneak peak into all things IS, and their whole party snake world… ps, i am on the list, 1 after terje… no big deal…