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happy halloween everybody.

interview : jake price / 9191

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This dude, This Oregonian, The bend local, the dude thats been around for a while, and is still young… very strange…
I tend to be suspicious under these circumstances…, but for some reason not with the Price family, and very much not so much with jake, he’s always been a good dude in my book.
Maybe it was that god forsaken Mt. batchlor with all that bullshit flat light, or maybe it was Andrew Craw-daddys influence, but somehow jake has turned out more than OK, he’s turned out
to have done “amazing” things in the blogging world, and even better if you ask me with his filming career. with that being said, here are some spelling mistakes, bad questions & a
silly interview with the main dude, Jake Price.

1. OK, so Jake, lets get started: First off, where are you on the planet at the moment?
I just returned to my girlfriends house in Venice Beach, CA.

2. ahhhh, i see…. and before that? next?
Gigi and I just went around the world showing 9191 in 20 different places in 30 days.

3. whirlwind i would assume:..
My liver hurts.

4. So, 9191 huh? give the people a brief synopsis:
9191: The mathematical equation of sideways style. Gigi and I went snowboarding all last Winter and I filmed it. I would describe the film as real snowboarding in an old-skool futuristic way.

5. Gigi…, is he a Man or myth or legend at this point?
Gigi sends it. We had a blast making this movie.

6. so as far as the back end of this film is concerned, where were you guys mostly filming?
We got most of our shots in Haines Alaska. That place is just unreal. The level of features you can actually snowboard are just so next level. It’s basically pointless to film anywhere else.

7. Smooth moves, any secrets about this project you can divulge?
There are 24 bonus features that run 2.5 hours on the DVD. We show it all, even the stuff most people don’t put out there………Gigi and I also do a commentary audio track over the film giving everything away.

8. how is the female response thus far?
All I can say is……..Dog and Seal. Get’s em everytime.

9. can i expect to see any jamie lynn methods in that bitch?
Jamie knocks it out of the park with singing on one of the songs we created for the film. We collaborated with BARON to create a completely original soundtrack from start to finish. Jamie sings on the Jackson Hole section featuring Bryan Iguchi and Johan Olofsson.

10. filming wise, anything unexpected? can i see terje in there?
Oh yeah, we got a few shots of him too. Actually, his stuff is all filmed on HI8. There is a bonus feature that has more stuff about that.

11. and finally, what are your plans for next year!?
Ride powder. Easy.

Socal Stand the fuck up:

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from the Ashbury dudes!